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Last updated Jul 1, 2021
Ornässtugan Dalarna Sweden

Ornässtugan might have one of the most interesting stories to tell. It’s considered to be one of the most important and famous timber buildings in Sweden. And, there’s also a world record here! While visiting Dalarna and Borlänge, you’ll have to stop by Ornässtugan and join a guided tour. Our Swedish king Gustav Vasa (Gustav I of Sweden) spent a night here before he became king.

Ornässtugan in Dalarna has a rich history

Built between 1503 and 1504, this building was at first made as a building for visitors coming to the house. Before that, there were seven different farms on the premises. Ornässtugan was supposed to be torn down after 100 years. However, the king put a stop to it and it remained as is. People used to come here and there were lavished parties held. During these days, it was considered rude not to finish all the food. Inside the “party” room they had a latch in the floor. When the guests got full, they opened the latch, threw up, and then they could continue to eat.

Another example of such a fun fact is on the door in the same room. There are several holes (five to be exact), on the right side of the door. This was meant to show that you come in peace. The visitor placed their fingers in the holes to show that they were entering the room unarmed. During your tour, you’ll learn lots of fun and interesting things about Ornässtugan.

Holes in the door in Ornässtugan
Holes in the door in Ornässtugan
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Take a guided tour of Ornässtugan

You are not allowed to visit here by yourself. To be able to enter the house, you’ll need to take a guided tour. And we believe that this is the only right way to visit. With the help of the guide, you’ll learn much about the history of this house and what happened here. Ornässtugan is historical and special in several different ways. In 1758, the house became a museum. It was the second museum in Sweden to open.

They collected memorabilia and the museum opened. Today this is the world’s oldest museum that still has the same exhibition as it was in 1758. Sure, things have changed but in all – it’s like time is standing still here. By taking a guided tour with one of the knowledgeable guides working here, you’ll get the most out of your visit. The best part is all the fun facts that you’ll hear.

Ornässtugan Guided tour - Sweden
Ornässtugan Guided tour - Sweden

Gustav Vasa spend the night at Ornässtugan

Gustav Vasa is the famous king that started Vasaloppet. And in fact it all kind of started here. The fact is that he came here to rest up for the night. After spending a couple of hours in bed, he was woken up and had to leave since the owner of the house had betrayed him for money. Gustav Vasa had to elope through the toilet and flee on skis. The path he took is what now is the famous Vasaloppet that is held yearly.

The reason for him being chased is because he wanted to get the Danish people out of the country. He ended up winning the war with the help of the people in Dalarna, he got the Danes out and became king in Sweden. Apparently, he ended up being a pretty harsh king and was not well-liked. It’s so cool that you can see the bed he slept in and you can also see the toilet (well, more a whole in the building) where he jumped down after getting betrayed.

Gustav Vasas bed at ornässtugan
Ornässtugan toilets

Visit the café

Like most attractions, there’s a café at the premises and you can have something to eat and drink. Make sure to walk around on the outside of Ornässtugan after your guided tour. It’s impressive to see the way the guesthouse was built. It almost looks like the wood is made like the scale of a snake or a fish. It’s hard to imagine that this guesthouse is so old and yet so well-made and preserved.

After the walk, you can grab a coffee or have something sweet to eat. The environment is super cozy and if the weather allows, you can sit outside and just enjoy life. There are some sheep that are grazing here too so make sure to check them out. There is a super special vibe to visit Ornässtugan and you will love it here – we are sure! Ornässtugan is part of Kulturresan in Dalarna.

Ornässtugan Building with scales - Sweden
Ornässtugan Café - Sweden
Ornässtugan sheep - Sweden

Information about Ornässtugan

Address: Stora Ornäs, Borlänge.
Opening hours: Check out Ornässtugans Facebook page for opening hours.
Entrance fee: 100 SEK per adult, about 10 euros.

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