Os Lusiadas – Best seafood restaurant ever!

Os Lusiadas Restaurant in Porto
Os Lusiadas has a recommendation in the Michelin Guide and it’s easy to understand why. Everything about this place is perfect and very high end. Join us as we visit the restaurant and also, get a recipe from the chef himself on one of my all-time favorite dishes. 

Os Lusíadas is recommended in the Michelin Guide

First off, I love the fresh and clean decor of the restaurant with its whites and greens. White overall but with green details. Do you know how I know if a restaurant is fancy or not?! First I look at the napkins. If they are disposable, It might still be a nice place but not as nice as if the napkins are made out of fabric. At Os Lusiadas, they are all made of fabric. The cloths on the tables and the cozy but yet strict ambiance that is inside the restaurant is really special.

My first feeling is that I thought this is a really nice place, it’s also a place where business is made. I get that sense while looking at the people that are here. Papers and portfolios are sent through the tables between meals. But that’s a detail that fits perfectly into the environment of this place. I have a white tank top on. No, I never wear white but I have made an exception today. Why I don’t wear white? Because I always get stains. Today will not be an exception.

Os Lusiadas Restaurant in Porto

The restaurant is in the fishing harbor Matosinhos

Matosinhos is a fishing harbor in Porto. You can easily reach it from the city center of Porto and this is also the place where the aquarium SEA LIFE is located. I believe that it is worth coming to Matosinhos just to visit Os Lusiadas but if you want you can also visit the aquarium. While walking around in this nice area you will see Portugals biggest park, Parque da Cidade.

The restaurant doesn’t stand out when you see it from the outside so it is quite easy to miss. But to miss out on this place would really be a shame. This is not only a place where you come to satisfy a hungry stomach – this place is an incredible experience that you will take with you. The food is like artwork and the flavors are amazing.
Os Lusiadas
Large fishing net outside of Porto, Portugal
Seafood platter

Fresh fish is served daily at Os Lusiadas

When inside the restaurant, you can see the amazing assortment of fresh fish and seafood. We are lucky because we let the staff pick our meals. Otherwise, I believe that I would still be there to this day, deciding on what to eat. There is so much to choose from and even if I believe that I know my seafood, I can see things here that we have never seen before.

Even though the fish is super fresh it is not alive on the bed of ice, something that I appreciate a lot. There is nothing worse than seeing a fish gasping and fighting for its life. In Portugal, there are several places that have living fish on display like that but in Os Lusiadas they are fresh but not alive. The only thing is the lobsters in an aquarium, they are still alive but they are in the water.
Fresh Fish
Fresh Shrimp

One Mix as a first course

We have never seen such an elaborate way of serving a mix of seafood. I almost eat myself to a coma on the incredible bread (and one of the best kinds of butter I have ever tried) when we get the platter. It’s easy to forget to mention the bread and butter since the first course is so special but I do feel the need to point out that the bread and butter are so good that it would work as a starter by itself. The ”One Mix” comes smoking. Yes, literary it’s smoke coming from the platter. Dried ice, I believe but I’m not sure.

On the plate, there are shrimps, clams, crab and percebes. Percebes are Goose barnacles, an expensive delicacy that we never tried before. I love it! I love all of it. There is so much ”high end” food on a plate that half would be enough. The percebes are tasting really good and with a reminder of the ocean. Of course, I start by getting stains on my white tank top while eating them but hey, that’s life.
shrimps, clams, crab and percebes.

Did you know that percebes are compared to crayfish when it comes to the taste? According to me, I don’t agree but I believe that they are both really good!

The ”One Mix” comes smoking
Stains from seafood

One Mix is the perfect romantic dish

So spraying myself with the barnacles might not seem that romantic but, that aside, this might be one of the most perfect platters to share during a romantic meal in Porto. I can’t figure out what the awesome crab is stuffed with. I want to say that there is bread inside the crab but I’m not sure. Whatever it is, it tastes really great!

One of my all-time favorite dishes is clams in garlic. I have had those in several restaurants all over Portugal but at Os Lusiadas they are magical. I have made clams in the motorhome as well but I cannot for the life of me get the same taste. After asking the chef really really nicely I do get the ingredients for how they make their magical clams. I am surprised that there is no wine in the recipe and I don’t have the amount of how much of each to take but I am allowed to share the ingredients with you guys.
Clams in Garlic ala Os Lusiadas

Clams in Garlic ala Os Lusiadas


  • Clams
  • Olive oil
  • Garlic
  • Fresh coriander
  • Water

Don’t be afraid to put a lot of chopped garlic in there – it gives it great flavor. Once the clams open, you will know that they are ready to serve.

A tip that I also want to share is to not pick the cheapest of oils. The olive oil also adds a lot of flavor to the dish. Enjoy!

My favorite part with these kinds of clams is that it feels healthier than the version with buttery steamed clams. I always thought that you needed huge amounts of butter when steaming clams but Os Lusiadas has proven me wrong.
Clams in Garlic ala Os Lusiadas

Fish salted and broiled table-side – their specialty

All around us, we see canteens catching on fire. We should be more curious about what’s going on around us but we are currently all up in our amazing seafood platter. Augusto Mateus has been taking really good care of us, changing our plates during the meal and making sure that we are well taken care of. And the main course is truly a show and not just a feast.

Now it is time for us to try the specialty. A cart comes with a canteen that is covered with salt. Augusto lights the salt on fire and we watch it burn. He turns the salt around and after a while, it burns out. Now we can see that there is a fish hidden within the bed of salt. It’s sea bass and it melts in my mouth when I try it. It’s served with jacked potatoes and with a side salad that works perfectly well with the fish. I can even feel the taste from the olive oil in the salad. We keep on eating!
Fish salted and broiled table-side
Fish salted and broiled table-side

Olive oil tasting

There is also a selection of olive oils placed on the table. We get to try olive oil from different regions and since I love Portuguese olive oil I am super happy. I also learn that salt is a good thing to take when trying oils because that takes the taste away and neutralizes the tastebuds for the next oil.

There is so much food. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE when a restaurant serves a lot of food. The problem is that it’s impossible to eat it all and since it’s so good I don’t want to leave any of it. When we are both heading for food coma – we are presented with deserts, oh boy!
Olive oil tasting

Desserts in abundance

At Os Lusiadas everything needs to be spectacular and the desserts are no exception. There is a whole table with desserts that were brought to our table and then we got to pick and choose. The sad part is that we are completely full so it feels like there is no room for cake and desserts.

We choose Pao de lo, a traditional Portuguese cake that is made of basically eggs, sugar and flour. And we also try the Abade Priscos that is a pudding. It is the perfect sweet ending to the perfect meal. And to top it off we also get a glass of Port wine. Oh, what a lovely day!
Sweets of Portugal

Information about Os Lusiadas:

Address: Rua de Tomaz Ribeiro 257, 4450-297 Matosinhos, Portugal.
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 12.00 – 00.00. Sundays 12.00 – 15.00.
Phone number for reservations:  +351 22 937 8242.
Website: https://restaurantelusiadas.com

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