Our first stop, Camping in Szczecin, Poland

Last updated May 24, 2021

Camping in SzczecinIn Sweden, we free camp all the time. But in Poland, we have decided to try out some campings. There are several in Szczecin but since it’s offseason, a lot of them are closed. Marina camping is open all year round and is located about 8 kilometers from the city center.  

Marina Camping in Szczecin, Poland

This is a camping and a marina so whether you arrive by caravan, motorhome or by boat – here’s a place for you. And they have cabins here to that you can rent. The area is quite big and there is a restaurant. We can not tell you if the food was good or not because we never tried it out. But while strolling around the area, we found a huge tent that we think is used for parties during the summer. And we also found an even bigger fireplace.

Camping in Szczecin

The tent is probably full of people during peak season.

I can imagine how it looks here during the summer. The place is loaded with tourists and people are connecting with each other. While we were here, there were 2 other campers. For some reason, they decided to park their motorhomes far from us so no new friends this time :).

Camping in Szczecin

At the Marina camping

Four-star camping

This place is nice. The toilets are fresh and the showers are clean. Included in the price is Wifi. Not sure how well it works during high season though because it’s pretty slow. But not too slow because Mini and I watched a movie on Netflix and it worked fine!
4 star campingAnd I love the fact that they have to recycle their garbage here at the campground. Everything for the environment right. Yay for keeping the planet clean! And you have drinking water at several places. But we do not recommend you to drink tap water in Poland. If your stomach is not used to it you might get sick.

Getting to City center of Szczecin

On the downside? Well, you need to take the bus to the city center. We asked the man working at the reception if we could go there by bike. He said that it was better with the bus. That means you have to ride your bike along the highway = not a great idea.

But taking the (right) bus will take you to the city center in about 10 minutes and it costs 2:-zl (2017). You want to take the bus that is marked with a C. This is one of the faster buses that don’t stop everywhere. The bus leaves about twice an hour and the only hustle you have is to buy your ticket. You have to do that on the bus in one of the machines. The bus is being driven like it’s stolen and you have no idea what ticket to buy. An adventure that’s for sure.

Camping in Szczecin

Waiting on the bus to Szczecin city center at Marina Camping.

Our stay at the Marina Camping in Szczecin

We had two nights at the camping and it felt safe and good, no problems leaving our stuff in the motorhome while going to town. Our first day we were so tired so we spent the whole day and night at the camping, sleeping most of the day and night. I think that all the nerves finally took out their right and we needed to rest.

Camping in Szczecin

In the marina at Marina camping in Szczecin

On the second day we had breakfast at home and then we took the bus into the city center. We spent the whole day touristing and exploring Szczecin. And the day after that we left the camping and now we are continuing down to Poznan with a stop in Gryfino. What’s in Gryfino? You will just have to wait and see!

Information about Marina Camping

This camping is connected to ACSI (=10% off) and the price we paid was 169,20 zloty for two people and one motorhome in 2 days with electricity (2017 Oktober)
Address: Ul.Przestrzenna 23, Szczecin
Website: www.campingmarina.pl


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