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Annika and Mini (named Daniel). One of those crazy couples that sold everything for travel. We were living in Sweden and love to explore. We noticed that the vacations kept getting longer and longer. The longing for being out and exploring kept coming back while at work. Finally, we decided to do what we both dreamt of. Living in a camper with life on the road –  running a travel blog and exploring everything that the world has to offer. But they are not “only” bloggers. Annika is a full time freelance journalist (Bachelor in journalism and media production) and Mini is a full time photographer. Finally Lost – with a mission to deliver the greatest travel guides. 


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101… Nummer 11 – Winter!

101… Nummer 11 – Winter!

På Clearwater Marine Aquarium bor Winter. Världens enda delfin med protes! Hennes story är att hon fastnade i en "krabbfälla" vid 2 månaders ålder och hittades flytandes utan...

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Vi Fortsätter Med WEAM!

Det är kul att så många av er gillar bilderna från WEAM (World Erotic Museum Of Art) så här kommer fler bilder 🙂

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Hahaha tänk att vi har så snuskiga läsare! Har fått 3 mail gällande att de vill se fler bilder från World Erotic Art Museum.Så himla kul att ni gillar bilderna och med tanke på...

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Bucket list experiences

Museo Atlantico

Peak to Peak walk in Madeira

Le Petit Chef

Flamenco beach

Dialoghaus Hamburg

Glamping in Dalarna

La Graciosa Island

Dinner in Nature

Åhus, Sweden

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We ended a trip in March after spending two months in Spain and Portugal. Mostly, we ended up being in Torre del Mar. Due to the pandemic, we didn’t get to do the touristy stuff as we usually do. However, we had a great time and got to meet both new and old friends. As for now, we feel pretty stuck in Sweden, waiting for the world to open up again. Currently our motorhome is in Skåne, southern Sweden.


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