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Annika and Mini (named Daniel). One of those crazy couples that sold everything for travel. We were living in Sweden and love to explore. We noticed that the vacations kept getting longer and longer. The longing for being out and exploring kept coming back while at work. Finally, we decided to do what we both dreamt of. Living in a camper with life on the road –  running a travel blog and exploring everything that the world has to offer. But they are not “only” bloggers. Annika is a full time freelance journalist (Bachelor in journalism and media production) and Mini is a full time photographer. Finally Lost – with a mission to deliver the greatest travel guides. 


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We are currently in Spain after spending several months in Portugal. We have traveled all over Portugal (from north to south). Now, our motorhome is slowly rolling through Spain along the coast. Slowly, we are making our way back to southern Sweden with a stop in Poland along the way. We have explored so many things that we are sharing with our readers here on the website!


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