PEG Los Telares, El Parque Etnografico de La Gomera

PEG Los Telares, El Parque Etnografico de La GomeraPEG Los Telares is short for Parque Etnografico de La Gomera. Everything “La Gomera” is collected at this place. Find out how the locals lived and what they were doing on the island. Walk in the orchard and learn more about agriculture. This is a great place to start when coming to La Gomera.

PEG Los Telares – El Parque Etnografico de La Gomera

Located on the foot of the Pedro and Petra rocks, this place is a real safe haven. The park is surrounded by a botanical garden and banana plantations. When you enter, you will get an audioguide. That will be your friend throughout your stay. Take your time and walk around, read and listen to all the information that you are given. This is the place where you will learn all about the traditions of the island.

Here, you can also hear the famous whistling language. Unfortunately, you don’t get to hear it live, but there is a recording so that you can hear how it sounds. Find out more about Gofio and how they use to make it. This is also the place where you see the island’s only remaining watermill.
PEG Los Telares, El Parque Etnografico de La Gomera
The garden

A very informative place in La Gomera

“Here we treasure and share our memories, experiences and anecdotes lived on this island full of mystery and wisdom. Come in and walk through our Ethnographic Park. We will guide you through beautiful landscapes, old volcanic rocks, unique flora and upright canyon slopes”. You can find this text written on a wooden board when you enter the Park and that is a great description of this place.

The orchard is organic and you can smell the nature while walking here. The orchard is 5 000 square meters and it’s really impressive. Another great thing is that the fruits and vegetables that are picked here, are also in their shop for sale. I love it when it’s locally produced and ecological. Here you can also learn more about the production of Palm Honey.
La Gomera things

Walk around listen and learn at the park

No, you don’t need to walk around over the whole place – it would take forever. But, we do recommend you to use the audio guide and listen to the information that is given. Yes, you can read the information too, but it’s easier to just listen to the voice in the audioguide.

Windmill, Gofio- mill, Palm Honey, but also the creating of carpets and other local specialties. If you are on the Island for a week or more, you will find out about these things at other places but if you are doing La Gomera in a couple of days, this is a great place to check out. And there’s more. PEG Los Telares is also a shop and they offer Gourmet tastings.
Walk around the park
La Gomera things

Gourmet tasting and gift shop

During our visit here, we got to try some locally produced wine (3 Vertientes) and some exclusive treats. Gofio with honey tasted a lot like Christmas and the cheese was incredible. Is there something better than the combination of wine and cheese?! I don’t think so! We also got some incredible figs to try and of course the Almogrote (Cheese paste). We were in La Gomera on a press trip but they offer these tastings for everyone!

If you don’t have time for a tasting, no worries. In the gift shop, there is also a lot of nice treats for you to try out. Sure, you don’t get to sit down and enjoy a glass of wine but it’s great that you can try for example the palm honey before you buy it. This is the place where you can buy locally produced wine, Gofio and other treats like Mojo and Almogrote.
Wine from La Gomera
Gofio from La Gomera

Information about the PEG Los Telares

Address: TF- 711, Hermigua.
Opening hours: 09:30 to 16:30 daily for the park and 09:30 – 17:30 in the shop and café.
Entrance fee: 4,50 € per adult and that includes an audioguide.
Website: In English.

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