People ask us “Where are you?” And not “How are you?”

Mar 15, 2017

Mobile home
Its time for an update on our plans and our travels for the near future. We are still in Åhus but Nelson (our mobile home) is getting more and more ready each day. Most of the stuff is packed and now its time for the final “sell-all-we-own” and get started. Ok so this has taken longer than we thought but we don’t want to leave any loose ends.

Where are you?

Right now we are in Åhus – packing Nelson between putting out ads and selling or donating all our stuff. The lady that sits outside of our local store was very happy when I left her a suitcase with towels and beddings and some shoes. We are getting rid of it all. And for each item we get rid of, the more free we feel. You don’t need that much stuff to function. Why do we have five sets of beddings? There is no explanation for that but the problem has been taken care of. One set will do – we will have to wash it during the day and put it back at night. A lot of people are asking us where we are going. We have so much that we want to be a part of so the planning is on to make it all work.
Ahus pier

Stuff to do

In April there is a licorice fair in Stockholm. Salty licorice is my one true addiction and this is the worlds biggest licorice fair. This means that the beginning of April will be spent in Stockholm. There is also a press meet up with travel companies that we want to attend so hopefully first week of April will be spent in Stockholm.
Liquorice Festival

SPA in Poland. We want to explore a true polish Spa and are planning a trip in collaboration with a company. I will see what more we can do while in Poland (southern) and try to squeeze in a trip to Poland.

Hamburg. In collaboration with a company we are invited to Hamburg to spend a couple of days there and to explore the city. Sounds fun? We think so too.

Himalaya in India. Ok so this is a project that we are invited to where we will be blogging and photographing a project that is about clearing the Himalayas of plastic. This project can be between one and two months so this means more planning. Im going to see if we can make this work because I love the project and the idea of doing something good for the environment.
Mountain With snow

Bali. Our former neighbor has a house on Bali and he wants to rent it out. He wants some great pictures of the place, the village and some selling articles about what there is to do and to see while in Bali. Do I need to say that we want to go to Bali?

Mobile home vs flight

In Sweden and Poland and Germany we will be taking our mobile home, thats for sure. However India and Bali is to far to travel by car right now. That means that Nelson will be parked in Sweden and we will fly to India and to Bali. We have not yet booked any of the above and nothing is set in stone. However its incredible how much fun we have to choose from in the near future!


  1. Henrik Olsson

    Den hade passat perfekt på min uppfart – med er i den!! <3

    PS: Se till och var hemma den 4-6 maj, för då är det 40-årsfest hemma hos mig! :*

  2. FREEDOMtravel

    Waow vad mycket kul på gång! Glöm inte att blogga! Jag ser fram emot att följa 🙂


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