People don’t just abandon their homes for nothing

Aug 16, 2017

Näsumaviksleden a five star hiking trail
So my temporary post for the summer is coming to an end. This is my last week and I am finally going to do an article series that I am proud of. When I took the job I decided that sometime during the summer I wanted to do something special – something that meant something to me and that might get peoples attention. It took me all summer to figure out what!

Writing something important

I have done loads of articles during the summer. Many of them have been amazing and fun to do. But I wanted to do something that I felt was important to inform the people about. My article series will be in three parts and will be called “that’s why I’m here“. I am going to do three interviews with families that are living in Bromölla but that come from other countries.

I want them to share their stories, what they left and how they ended up here. Maybe people will finally see that people don’t just abandon their homes for nothing. If I get only one person to react to the articles – to make them think and to realize that not everyone comes to Sweden to live off the taxpayer’s money. These people deserve a second chance without being harassed by prejudice people.

No one runs from nothing

We are looking forward until we are “finally lost”. Yes, we bought the domain but that’s another story. No one runs from nothing. By that, I mean that if you have a good life back home, you will not uproot everything and move to another country. People are running for their lives. They are stalked back home and need to leave their homes.

One of the families I will interview ran from Syria. They had everything back home and had to leave it all. Now they are living in Bromölla.  They have embraced Sweden as their new home and they are starting a new life here.

Offered more job at the local Newspaper

And another thing is that I got offered more than six months of work at the newspaper. I am more than honored but at the same time, I feel that we are stuck from starting our journey. We are so ready to leave and find new places that are worth writing home about.

View of Stockholm skyline

First, we are heading for Örebro, for the Open Art that is held there. Then we are going to Stockholm to be part of the showing of a cruise ship and meet up with some friends and people. After that, we are good to go! And we can’t wait!


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