Puerto De Malaga – Walk in the beautiful Malaga Harbor

Puerto De Malaga - Walk in the beautiful Malaga Harbor
A visit to Malaga is not complete without checking out the harbor, Puerto De Malaga. Yes, it is made for tourists but it is beautifully done and there is a lot to visit while strolling. Big boats are next to small boats. Sailing boats right by small fishing boats and even catamarans have found their way into the harbor. I believe that this must be a magical place to visit by boat as well.

Restaurants and attractions in an amazing location

The only downside about this place is that they have put glass on one part of the walk. The glass is preventing you to walk close to the boats in the harbor. Not a huge deal but still it would be nicer without it. The restaurants are mixed in with the stores and you will find a lot of the known brands mixed with stores that have souvenirs of Malaga.

We walked all over the harbor. There is a Ferris wheel that will take you for a spin and show you the harbor from above. And you can walk all the way to the lighthouse and beyond. It is peaceful, wonderful and perfect for a day of exploring in Malaga. The best part is that Puerto De Malaga is right in the city center so you have easy access to everything. You also have loads of stops and places to visit during your walk, like a museum and an art gallery.
Puerto de Malaga
Puerto de Malaga

Museo Alborania in Puerto De Malaga

One museum that you can visit while strolling in the harbor is the Museo Alborania. We had mixed feelings about this place so it is up to you to decide if you want to visit or not. Read our post about the museum here and decide for yourself.


This place is so cool! This is a café that is also a hangout place that is also an art gallery. We liked it more than the actual art center Pompidou. You get the feeling that you are entering a big garage filled with friends. When we were there, there was a group of people that were dancing Zumba. And then you look at the artwork inside. It is so cool and innovative. I´ll better let the pictures speak for themselves. And how cool is the name? Artsenal!
Puerto de Malaga
Puerto de Malaga
Puerto de Malaga

Centre Pompidou Malaga

This is an art center. A very cool building that will make Instagram envious with selfies. The building is impossible to miss and the colors are amazing. However, we did not fully understand the exhibition inside. It was free entrance for parts of the exhibition and it started with an inside playground that looked awesome. After that, it unfortunately went downhill. The artwork was made by Daniel Buren and we did not get the point of it.

There were a projector and several patterns in color – that’s it! It was dark and then you walked like in a labyrinth and looked at the different patterns. The patterns were not advanced, they were stripes in several colors. You walked from room to room and looked at the stripes on the walls. The thing is that it was a bit too “simple” to be fully appreciated by us. We had fun because we made shadow puppets in the dark, other than that we didn’t get it.

Puerto de Malaga
Puerto de Malaga

Kaleidoscope of colors

So I’m no artist and I can’t brag about putting up an art show. However, I believe that with the help of photoshop this exhibition could be made a lot better. One example is to make either a Kaleidoscope of colors or may Mandalas? I would have loved to walk inside a kaleidoscope!

But just because we didn’t get it, it doesn’t mean that you won’t! By the exit, there were post it where you could write a message. One of the messages read “Color therapy – Incredible”. So we will leave it up to you to decide if it is fantastic or if you agree with us that it could be better made!
Address: Pasaje Doctor Carrillo Casaux, s/n Muelle Uno, Puerto de Málaga
Website: http://www.centrepompidou-malaga.eu
Puerto de Malaga

La Farola – The lighthouse of Malaga

It is a lighthouse that is impossible to miss in Puerto De Malaga. This is a great photo opportunity but nothing else. The location of the lighthouse is very nice and it is a nice walk out to the lighthouse. However, you are not allowed to enter or go to the top of it. But it is one of the oldest lighthouses in Spain and it is a landmark for Malaga.

Set your route to the lighthouse – you can’t miss it and enjoy the harbor walk. If you want to know more about the lighthouse, there is a sign outside that gives you the history of La Farola.
Address: Paseo Farola 1929016 Málaga, Spain.
Puerto de Malaga


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