Rent out our house – finally

Sep 27, 2016

Our "main room were we watch tv.

It is time. Time to rent out the house. I wrote an add for it yesterday and wanted to get it on It is a Swedish site where you can buy, sell and rent out everything. It turns out that renting out a house through that website is a lot harder than we thought.

Rent out the house is not my friend right now. How hard can it be to get an add accepted? Apparently very hard. First my add got denied because they thought I shall write the add as a company and not as a private person. I changed the add but left it as a add from me and not a company. We are renting out our house as private people and not as a company. The add got denied again.

I sent them an mail asking what I should do because the add is not getting accepted. The answer was to put the add in as a company. It might be worth mentioning that the adds for companies are a lot more expensive. Said and done. I put the add in as a company. In the add I also stated that I am not a company.

The add got refused again because I wrote that it was not allowed to have that in writing. Now I have changed it once again. It has taken me almost 24 hours to get an add about renting out the house approved!!!

Our stairs are NOT child friendly.

Our stairs are NOT child friendly. Do you want to rent?

Kitchen - not big but big enough.

Kitchen – not big but big enough.

Bathroom downstairs.

Bathroom downstairs.

It is soon time for us to travel!


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