Retro Restaurant Zielona Gora – Fantastic food

Retro restaurant in Zielona Gora has fantasic food
Retro Restaurant, or Restauracja Retro, as it is called in Polish is a nice restaurant in the city center of Zielona Gora. We were invited here by the head of tourism, Jadwiga Bloch and the vice-mayor, Lukasz Porycki. We ended up having a great time, learning more about the Lubuskie Region.

A nice restaurant in Zielona Gora

Retro Restaurant allows you to dine in a nice environment. The ambiance is nice, yet strict – all in a good way. This is the kind of restaurant where you can come with your family, or you can come here to have an important meeting. Either way, you will most likely be satisfied with your visit. We came here for dinner in the evening and we were not disappointed.

Its location, close to the train station makes it a good place to visit and to have a meal. We were lucky because we got invited to this place. I believe that we would’ve missed it otherwise. Now we got to have nice food with great company.
Retro Restaurant allows you to dine in a nice environment.
Retro Restaurant allows you to dine in a nice environment.

Meeting the tourism board and the mayor

When going on press trips, we never know who we will meet and what we’ll be doing. Sure, we get a program but things change and it’s not always working out as planned. In Poland, however, it did. We got to sit down and have a meal with some really nice people and we got to learn more about the region and what Lubuskie is all about.

Jadwiga Bloch is the head of tourism in the region and we got to spend some more time with her. She came with us on a wine tasting the following day and it was really fun. The vice-mayor, Lukasz Porycki, was also really friendly and it was a pleasure meeting him. When he heard our fascination with the small Bacchus gnomes, he even invited us to an unveiling of a new one the following day. You can read all about the gnomes here.
To the left - The vice-mayor, Lukasz Porycki. To the right Jadwiga Bloch the head of tourism in the region

Our dinner at the Retro Restaurant

Since we hadn’t been there before, we left it up to Mr. Porycki to choose our meals for us. And we (and he) made the right choice. As a starter, we got beetroot salad with cheese and pine nuts. It was refreshing and good. After that, we got the salmon with a sauce of mascarpone and amazing rice with sundried tomatoes.

When we had finished our main course, there was no room for dessert and none of us ordered some. All in all, we had a great time at the Retro Restaurant and we can gladly recommend it to anyone!
Beetroot salad with cheese and pine nuts
Salmon with a sauce of mascarpone and rice with sun dried tomatoes.

Information about Retro Restaurant

Address: Dworcowa 41, 65-019 Zielona Góra.
Opening Hours: Monday – Thursday: 07.00 – 22.00. Friday and Saturday: 08.00 – 23.00. Sunday: 08.00 – 21.00.
Website for Restaurant Retro.

The retro restaurant from the outside
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