Road trip along lake Siljan by motorhome

Last updated Oct 28, 2021

Road trip along lake Siljan by motorhomeRoad trip along lake Siljan. Kurbitspainted Dala horses and a telephone booth. A cultural visit to Hildasholm and the Zorn Museum. Sweden’s longest jetty followed by a lookout point. Mora knives and the finish line for Vasaloppet. Yes, the list can be made long on places to visit that are around Lake Siljan. Join us on our trip that we did with our motorhome.

Road trip along lake Siljan in Dalarna, Sweden

Some 365 million years ago, a meteorite struck the earth and, formed what today is called Silverringen the silver Ring a trail of silver and iron. In addition to Lake Siljan, Lake Orsasjon, Skattungen, Oresjon, and some small lakes in Bodadalen are also included in “the ring”. But it is usually the largest of the lakes, Siljan, that gets the most appreciation and attention from the visitors. And after a round along Sweden’s seventh-largest lake, it’s easy to understand why it’s so popular.

The first stop of the trip will be Leksand, known for ice hockey and crispbread. The factory for the latter is located along the road and crispbread is sold here at a favorable price. The majority is second-hand sorting, but there is nothing wrong with the taste. Five kilos of crispbread for SEK 75 (7,5 Euro) fits in most motorhomes and lays the foundation for a successful breakfast for a long time to come. Near the crispbread factory, there’s also a modern rest area that offers both emptying of greywater and latrines as well as refilling of water.

Floating bridge in Gagnef

There’s a really unique bridge in Gagnef. This bridge is a floating one. Not special enough? Well, this one is one that can take cars and motorhomes up t0 4 000 kilos. It’s a suspension bridge that floats on water and that allows you to drive through the lake. It is really special to drive across the bridge and you can feel it moving. Next to the bridge, there’s a restaurant that we heard a lot of nice stuff about. However, we didn’t go there ourselves.

In 2015 the bridge got destroyed by a truck. The truck weighed 60 ooo kilos and the driver missed the sign that said that you can weigh 4 000 kilos at the most. Today, the bridge is up and running and they have also made it even safer by lowering the height of the cars to three meters. Make sure to check it out while visiting Dalarna.

Gagnef floating bridge

Gagnef floating bridge in Dalarna.

Vastanviksbadets Camping – a great stay

A great way to start is to check-in at Västanviksbadets Camping. Here you are right next to Lake Siljan and have the opportunity to start your holiday in peace and quiet. The campsite focuses on community and family life, but apart from the two swings, there are no playgrounds in the area. This is a conscious decision as the owners want the children to play with each other and the parents.

– We think it is important that you spend time as a family and that you invent things together, says Odet Zonneveld, owner of the campsite.
There are games and books to borrow, but most people come up with something out of the ordinary. A father plays soccer with his two sons. Two chairs may act as goals and everyone is having fun.

Västanviksbadets camping

Västanviksbadets camping.

Get your culture fix at Hildasholm

A short distance from the campsite is one big cultural travel destination, Hildasholm. The cultural trip includes nine cultural-historical destinations around Dalarna that create a good list of sights that should not be missed. Hildasholm, formerly called “Stengården”, is the doctor and author Axel Munthe’s morning gift to his wife Hilda. Axel was Queen Victoria’s physician from 1893 until her death.

By taking a guided tour inside Hildasholm, you get an insight into how the rich society lived and what it looked like at home with a very creative family. Walls and ceilings are painted by family members and, you can’t help but be impressed by this place. A visit is not complete without a walk in the beautiful gardens that belong to the estates. Hilda created a real paradise for her family who still live today and use this as a summer vacation home.

Karl-Tovasen’s Chalet – where history is alive and kicking

A couple of kilometers from Leksand, Karl-Tövåsen’s living chalet is open for visitors. The chalet has been in use every summer since 1663 without any breaks. Today it is run by the Gumuns family and they offer guided tours and tell visitors all about this place’s history. Here is the opportunity to, not only see but also taste homemade butter.

This can be the tastiest butter ever and it is a special feeling when the crispbread is spread with the yellow gold. Water pearls that have remained after the butter has been washed clean. It creates a shimmer next to the butter knife. There are also many farm animals and you can visit both cows, pigs, and goats. A fun outing for the whole family simply!

Tallberg and Rattvik

The road trip along Lake Siljan continues north to the small Dala village Tällberg, a true gem with its large number of hotels. The village has no less than eight hotels where the oldest is Åkerblad’s Guesthouse, Hotel, and Spa which dates back to the 15th century. After photographing the village’s beautiful telephone booth painted in kurbits, it’s time to enjoy dinner at the hotel’s restaurant. A tip is to order their lamb roast beef with baked root vegetables – a taste experience beyond the ordinary.

After exploring Tällberg on foot during the day, it’s time to head to Rättvik. It is safe to say that Rättvik is one of Dalarna’s largest tourist destinations during the summer. The long jetty, which is 628 meters long, extends straight into Lake Siljan. It was built in 1895 as a mooring place for a steamer that served Lake Siljan until the 1950s. In 1992, the bridge was reopened and is today a major tourist attraction in the city. This jetty is probably not only Sweden’s longest, but the world’s longest lake jetty.
Rättviksbryggan - Road trip along lake Siljan by motorhomeTällbergTällberg Telephoneboth

Rattvik has some great things to offer

From long bridges to high altitudes – Vidablick is the lookout tower that has been in place since the end of the 19th century. The tower is located on Hedsåsberget and promises a view of the city and the Siljan area. The tower is 28 meters high, but considering that it is located on a mountain, the visitor comes high up and gets a nice overview of the three different platforms that are available.
After a visit to the top, a tip is to get back to the city center and to Fricks Konditori for a coffee. Affordable pastries and cakes in a cozy environment make this place a real winner. In Rättvik you can also visit Dalhalla – an outdoor arena for both theaters and concerts in a closed limestone quarry. If you are in Rättvik and do not have a concert planned, it is possible to book a guided tour of the arena and get access to the magnificent environment even during the day.
Vidablick - Road trip along lake Siljan by motorhomeFricks konditori - Road trip along lake Siljan by motorhome

Dala horses – the most Swedish thing

Mora is the next stop on the road trip along lake Siljan. Or rather, Nusnäs is the next stop. Now the focus is shifting from concerts and arenas to something that is very typical of Dalarna, Dala horses or dalecarlian horses. Nils Nisson Dalahästar is located in Nusnäs and here the visitor can follow the entire process – from wood to a painted horse. The company has been around since 1928 and was started by two brothers.
Today, the company remains in the family’s ownership, but it has been divided into two different companies that are located next to each other. Nils Olsson Dalahästar and Grannas A. Olsson’s Handicraft. Inside Nils Olsson’s Dala horses, you walk like in a labyrinth from station to station and see how the horses are coming to life. The last station is the kurbits painting. This is where the Dala horses get their beautiful flower paintings. Kerstin Reuterborg has been painting for 50 years and it is impossible not to be impressed by her skill.

Painting the Dala horses

With a light hand she puts the brush against the horse and with the help of different angles and strokes of the brush, the pattern grows quickly. While Kerstin talks about her own motorhome habit, she continues to complete the horses. They are placed in rows to dry before being displayed in the store for sale. Even though the “classic” Dala horse is red in color, today there are a whole lot of different colors to choose from. For those who want, it is also excellent to have the name written on the Dala horse for an extra fee.
Inside Grannas A. Olsson’s Hemslöjd, it all happens in a similar way. The exception is that they also have an awesome display that shows some different and odd Dala horses. An example is a parachuting horse, or the sitting one. Or why not a Dala horse-painted camel? For those who wonder what kind of souvenir you buy when you are in Dalarna, the answer is Dala horse of course! Inside Nils Olsson Dala horses, the world-famous mora knives are also sold. These are the ones used to carve the horses.

Mora – where Vasaloppet ends

Mora knives are also sold in a separate store in the city center of Mora. Mora’s main street is not that long but it has plenty of shops and restaurants. Also, make sure to visit the finish line where the Vasaloppet ends – it is almost mandatory to photograph the well-known sign.
Another thing that you should not miss to visit is Zorngården and Zornmuseet. Dedicated to Anders Zorn, who was a Swedish artist with a penchant for painting naked women. Inside the museum, a  large number of his works are on display. A tip is to first look at the slide show that is shown inside the museum’s ground floor. It may not sound so exciting to spend 45 minutes watching a slide show but it is well spent time. The pictures are combined with autobiographical notes and the narrator is none other than Max von Sydow. Sitting inside a small cinema is a wonderful feeling.
Mora - where Vasaloppet ends

Campings around Mora

It is also possible to buy a combination ticket and get a guided tour of Zorngården, which was Anders and Anna Zorn’s home. The Zorn Museum, like Hildasholm, is part of the Culture Journey and is a destination of great cultural-historical importance.
Not far from the Zorn Museum, you can find Mora Parken. A large campsite which, despite its central location, is located in nature. The campsite has everything that could be needed and a big plus is, in addition to its location, the fresh facilities.
If you prefer a smaller, quieter and calmer campsite, Mora Life is an excellent alternative. It is a much smaller campsite which, like Mora Parken, is located next to Lake Siljan. A really fresh place that offers walks and tours around the lake. Regardless of which of the campsites you choose, you are always close to Lake Siljan. Siljan who has been the goal during this trip in Dalarna! This has been a great road trip along lake Siljan.

Road trip along lake Siljan by motorhome

Eat well during your road trip along Siljan

Crispbread and ice cream kiosk outside Leksand’s crispbread. Serves crispbreads and crispy pizza at reasonable prices.
Address: Gärde stationsvägen 11, Leksand.
Åkerblads Hotell, Gästgiveri, Spa. Serves dishes with locally produced ingredients in the highest class.
Address: Sjögattu 2, Tällberg.
Fricks Konditori. Here you will find both breakfast and lunch and of course delicious cakes and pastries.
Address: HSB Gatan 14 Rättvik.
Café Zorn. A café that serves various goodies.
Address: 34C Vasagatan Zorngården, Mora.

Campsites for your road trip along lake Siljan

Västanviksbadets Camping – A large campsite that feels familiar despite its lack of playgrounds. You come here to hang out with each other.
Address: Västanvik Siljansnäsvägen 130, 793 92 Leksand.
Tällberg Camping – Beautifully located and close to nice walking paths.
Address: Sjögattu 44, Tällberg.
Siljansbadets Camping – Offers 400 places next to Siljan.
Address: Långbryggevägen 4, Rättvik.
Mora Parken Camping – A campsite in the middle of central Mora. Even if you are practically in the middle of the city, the campsite is located in a really scenic place next to Lake Siljan.
Address: Parkvägen 1, Mora.
Mora Life Åmåsängsgården – A relaxing oasis just outside Mora with a lot of heart.
Address: Åmåsängsvägen 90, Mora.
Disclaimer: Our visit to Dalarna was part of a press trip that was arranged by Visit Dalarna. All the thoughts and opinions are our own!
Press Trip Visit Dalarna


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