Ruths Hotel – Where to stay while in Skagen

Ruths Hotel,DenmarkRuths Hotel is one of the most famous “badehotel” in Denmark. This is the place where you can eat, relax and then walk down to the beach to see the sunset. And this place is fancy – with Georg Jensen design in every nook and cranny. 

Ruths Hotel

The room we got at Ruths Hotel was huge! And when I say huge, I mean huge! We had two floors!!! Downstairs we had a huge room and a full kitchen. Upstairs we had our bedroom. The room could’ve been half the size and still fit a whole family. Badehotel is a Danish expression and literary translated it means bath hotel. However, the meaning of it is “the hotel where you should take a swim in the ocean”. The hotel is located within walking distance to the beach.
Ruths Hotel,DenmarkIf you don’t like to swim in cold ocean water you can use the hotel pool instead. The pool is located inside the main building of the hotel and the water is warm.
Ruths Hotel,Denmark

Ruths Hotel Brasserie

The hotel’s restaurant prides itself being casual. You don’t have to dress up to be allowed into the restaurant. Here you will enjoy the french cuisine in a relaxed environment. During our visit, the food was really good. We had salmon as an appetizer and pork as the main course. For dessert, I chose cheese platter (of course). Mini chose a passionfruit dessert.
Ruths Hotel,DenmarkThe food was really good and it was really nice at Ruths Hotel. However, we did hear some of the people quietly complaining about the staff. And I might agree – the staff was not the best. Sure they were friendly and nice but they did not give that “extra” that hotel personnel usually do.

See the sunset

Make sure that you don’t miss the sunset while staying at Ruths Hotel. It’s such a short walk that I did even bring my wineglass with me. And I’m not sure if it was the wine talking but I got some courage and decided to take a dip. The water was really super cold but have in mind that we were there during October = not the best time to swim.

Information about Ruths Hotel

Address: Hans Ruths Vej 1, 9990 Skagen, Denmark.

This is a great place to stay if you want to visit (what we believe is) the number one attraction in Skagen, “Grenen”.
Ruths Hotel,Denmark


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