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Last updated Apr 14, 2021

Sahlins Struts - to do in DalarnaSahlins struts is an ostrich farm in Dalarna, Sweden. They have more than 100 ostriches and they allow visitors to see these majestic animals up close. There is also a farm shop where you can buy ostrich meat and other nice treats. And after strolling around – make sure to try out their ice cream. It’s made out of ostrich eggs. 

Sahlins struts is an ostrich farm

A usual farm with some unusual animals. Forget the cows and chickens – here it’s all about the historical ostriches. And since we are in Sweden and not in South Africa, this is a pretty rare thing to see here. The first ostrich was hatched in 1994 and since then it has grown bigger and bigger each year. Even if breeding these birds for the meat is the main focus here, there’s also a lot of other things to do here for the whole family.

During summertime and peak season, there are daily guided tours at the farm. If you want, you can also buy a bag of food and feed the huge birds yourself. But be warned – you want to follow the instructions while feeding the birds (all fingers straight out with food in your palm). Otherwise, you might get hurt since their bite is really strong!

Did you know that the largest egg according to guinness world records was layed here at this farm?! It weighed 2 589 grams.

Fun facts at at sahlins struts
Sahlins struts in Borlänge

Walk around on the farm

For 65 kronor (about 6,50 euros), you are welcome to walk around and also visit the play area that they have here. There’s a lot of things for the children to do here and you can spend hours upon hours here without getting bored. A great thing is that once you paid the entrance fee – you can come back as much as you like – free of charge for the rest of the season. If you want to visit the store, you can do so without paying anything.

The main highlight here is, of course, the ostriches. You can see them in different stages of life. Do I need to let you know that the small ones are incredibly cute?! And during a visit here, you will learn a lot about these animals and about their eggs. Make sure to keep your children supervised while visiting here because a kick from an ostrich can be fatal!

The ostrich egg is the largest one in the world. It weighs around 1 500 grams and is equalent to 25 eggs from chickens.

To do at Sahlins Struts
Ostrich farm in Sweden

Shop and dine at Sahlins struts

At their farm store, you can buy a lot of different kinds of meat, leather products (made of ostrich of course) and different balms and lamps. If you don’t want to buy meat and prepare it for yourself – there’s a restaurant on-site where you can enjoy really nice dishes made out of ostrich. We ended up having ice cream made out of ostrich eggs.

The ice cream was really good. Did it taste different than “regular” ice cream? Probably not – it was good and that’s what’s important. If you like beer, you have come to the right place. At Sahlins struts, they also have a small brewery. There’s a local touch to everything at this farm and that’s awesome!

Did you know that the egg of an ostrich can withstand the power of up to 140 kilograms. This means that a lot of adults can stand on ostrich eggs without them cracking!

Sahlins Struts Shopping

Information about Sahlins struts

Address: Sveden 1, 781 92 Borlänge.
Opening hours: Daily during summer. For the rest of the year check their website.
Entrance fee: about 6,50 euros per adult.
Website for Sahlins struts.

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