Sandhammaren, a great beach in Sweden

The story of Sandhammaren Lighthouse

The long beach, dunes, and pine forests are welcoming all year round. Sandhammaren located on the south-eastern tip of Sweden. Current conditions in the sea here are particularly lively. Keep that in mind when swimming in the 18 °C cold water.

The story of Sandhammaren Lighthouse

Sandhammaren beach

The story of Sandhammaren Lighthouse

To walk on the beach is a true pleasure. In winter when the wind is blowing and the cold bites it changes our shores into a completely different scenery. Sometimes in soft white snowy white and sometimes in hard icy blue armor. If you want to experience the natural forces of the Baltic Sea, take walk by the sea which is an extremely popular thing to do here on the South Coast. When walking along the beach, you soon discover that you are not alone. Sandhammaren with its dunes is Swedens biggest graveyard for shipwrecks.

The dangerous sandbar and flowing water are why thousands of sunken ships lay here at the bottom outside Sandhammaren.  The famous oak forest in Sandhammaren that King Karl XI ordered to cut down. This because he thought that it was a hideout for pirates who misled ships with false lights. The ships ran aground, and then they plundered them and killed the surviving crewmen.

While in the area do not miss a visit to Sandhammaren lighthouse, it will give you a nice view of the beach.

This is a wonderful place to visit and just stroll around for hours in!


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