Shoes were made for walking?

Feb 3, 2016

Shoes… every woman’s desire or just a pain in the butt? If you ask me? More a pain in the butt.

Why is it that every time you go to buy a pair of shoes the salesperson asks you what you want the shoes for?
– Are you looking for walking shoes?
I feel the need to be able to do more than walking in my shoes. What if a swarm of bees suddenly appears?!
Great, I have my walking shoes on… crap! I better stroll away from here at a moderate pace.
Jokes aside, it was easier before – when your footwear was just that – shoes! You could walk, run, jump and do whatever you pleased without having to change your footwear!

Just thinking – a proud moment in my brain this evening.

Athens Sandals swarovski

Sandals bought in Athens, Greece

And while speaking of shoes, the nicest sandals in my wardrobe are these cuties… unfortunately these shoes were not made for walking, they nearly killed my feet in Thailand. But they are sure nice to look at. And yes they are a matching pair even if they are different. I decided to bring them while in Thailand and it is not my proudest moment to confess that the first time I used them I was on a full day tour that involved a lot of walking around.

See the other footwear that I bought while in Athens, Greece here.
And in all honesty… I am not a shoe lover, I usually just wear sandals that are comfortable and I don’t pay to much attention to how they look. Most often that means buying sandals from Ecco. A Swedish company that does not make the most beautiful shoes but definitely one of the most comfortable once.
And during the Swedish winter? Uggs on my feet 😉

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  1. Sara

    Skor är det bästa som finns 🙂


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