Silves Castle – one of many attractions in the Algarve

Silves castleSilves castle. A dreamy place where you can stroll around and imagine things that happened here. My imagination lets me believe that soldiers had sharpened their swords on the castle walls. Join us as we explore the castle in Silves. 

Silves castle is amazing

This is by far the most popular attraction in Silves and we can understand why. This place is a must visit even if it is not a big place. You don’t need to plan for a whole day at the castle because it is not that big. However, you can stroll around for a few hours, explore the grounds and then maybe grab a cup of coffee at the cafe.
Silves castle, Algarve, Portugal
Silves castle

And it is in shades of grey…

During our visit to the castle, they also had an exhibition of old pictures of the castle. I find it super interesting to see pictures of the castle from different times even if you could see on all the pictures that it was the same castle.

The castle is beautifully perserved and it is well taken care of. I can’t help but to stroll around here – imagining what happened here years ago. Who touched the brick that I am now touching? Places that are this old often have a magical aura around them and Silves Castle is no exception. And in my imagination, I could see how the soldiers had sharpened their swords on the walls and floors of the castle. Mini just laughed at me and said that it was impossible but I think I’m right!
The walls at the Silves casle
Silves castle

Safety at the castle

What safety? All jokes aside – there is not much effort put into safety at this place. I can understand that putting up rails might destroy the authenticity of the castle but at the same time, I sometimes felt uneasy walking here. Once you make your way up, there are no rails and nothing to hold on to. Be very careful while visiting so you don’t get hurt.

If you don’t feel safe, you can always stay downstairs and don’t bother to come up. But if you are here for the views, you need to get high up so that you can appreciate it!
The safety at Silves castle

Incredible views of Silves

Silves is not a huge city. The view over the town is amazing from the castle. What I found extra awesome is that the view changes as you walk around the castle. At one point we could see our camping and even our motorhome (once Mini pointed it out to me).

At another place, we could see the town and in a third place, we could see the green environment. It felt somewhat like being in a kaleidoscope – but with different views!

Information about Silves Castle

Address: Rua do CasteloSilves 8300-144, Portugal.
Opening hours: Daily 09.00 – 17.30.
Entrance fee: 2,80 euros per person.


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