Sleep in a bubble in Dalarna, Sweden – A unique and odd Hotel

Sleep in a bubble in Dalarna Sweden a unique and odd hotel

Sleep in a bubble is that a thing? Well, yes it is! The trend of sleeping in odd places and hotels seems to be a trend that is here to stay. But how is it to actually spend the night in a bubble? Is it worth the money? What can you expect from such an adventure? After reading this article, you’ll know all about it and – most likely – you will want to experience this yourself!

Sleep in a bubble in Leksand

No one can say that this “hotel” isn’t a unique place and a special thing to experience. The bubble itself is made out of plastic and there’s constantly fresh air that gets pumped into it so that it keeps its shape. Owned by Claire and Patrik Hürlimann that came to Sweden from Switzerland in 2016. They got the idea for the bubble after visiting one similar with the exception that it was made out of glass.

Sleep in a bubble in Dalarna
Sleep in a bubble in Dalarna, Sweden - A unique and odd Hotel

One year later, in 2017 they opened their own bubble outside of Leksand in Dalarna. It’s a special feeling coming here. After parking your car you will walk for a couple of minutes and then the bubble reveals itself. Nested by the water and with a private beach, this is the place to be for any occasion.

Why do you want to sleep in a bubble?

It’s hard to describe this experience. It’s super private and secluded and at the same time, you have no privacy at all. Outside of Leksand, there’s only one bubble and it is placed off the grid. But, with that said, you are still sleeping in a see-through place. This is probably one of the most Instagram-friendly places for anyone that wants to brag. And best of all – you get to sleep under the stars without having to worry about mosquitos and insects bothering you.

Since there’s only one bubble here, you have this place all to yourself. Think glamping but in a different way. The similarities are, for example, that you have no shower or toilet inside the “room”. However, there are nice and fresh facilities within walking distance.

This is a perfect gift to give someone you love!

Sleep in a bubble in Leksand, Dalarna

Experience the bubble hotel

There are easy things that you need to keep in mind when staying at a bubble hotel. There’s a small walkway before you come inside the actual bubble. Make sure to close the door behind you since there’s a constant flow of air being blown into the room. Once inside – you’ll notice that the air is different and that there’s almost an echoey sound inside the bubble.

Experience the bubble hotel
Experience the bubble hotel

This is due to the lack of furniture and the new air being pumped into the bubble. The beds are super comfortable and the coffeemaker makes this place even more luxurious. When you have settled in, just lay on the bed and watch the sky and surroundings of the bubble. This vision is hard to beat and a truly special experience.

How is it to sleep in a bubble?

I believe that everyone will have their own experience but they will all have one thing in common – it will be just awesome! During summer, when the nights are lighter, it might get a bit hard to fall asleep. Don’t force it, you can spend parts of the night just gazing at the stars. If it starts to rain, you’ll have to be prepared to listen to the droplets falling onto the plastic of the bubble. At the same time, it makes a nice sound (unless it’s raining really heavy outside).

Why do you want to sleep in a bubble

Even if the bubble in Dalarna, Sweden is secluded, you are still pretty close to restaurants and other places. And since you are right by Lake Siljan, you might want to explore Lake Siljan some more. Make sure to bring your swimsuit and take a dip in the lake. The most important is to enjoy each other and the bubble!

Other unique and odd rooms in Leksand

Sure, the bubble is the main highlight at this place but that doesn’t mean that it’s the only thing that special about this place. In fact – there are more cabins here where you can spend the night (if you are traveling in a group). And there are especially two other “hotels” here that are almost just as cool as the bubble and that offer overnight stays. Best of all is that it’s all run by the same family (Claire and Patrik Hürlimann). And they have big plans for the future in this area.

One plan is to start the project “Siljansnäs”. The plan is to give the guests the opportunity to explore the area. They want to rent out bikes and promote the outdoors. Since this is not yet in place, you’ll have to spend your visit inside – either the bubble or one of these super cool places!

Explore the Sealander

It’s a boat, it’s a caravan and it’s a comfy place all in one! During the summer, you can rent one and take it out on the lake. The Sealander is so cool and since the Hürlimanns are agents for these, you can also buy one from them if you want to continue to spend more time inside the Sealander.

Explore the Sealander

In fact, the Sealander is the first serial-produced floating caravan in the world! It can become yours for about 20 000 euros. If the bubble is not for you – make sure to spend a night inside the Sealander!

Spend the night in a cabin from the 1700s

It’s hard to imagine that the owners of a cabin that stems from the 1700s would allow strangers to come and spend a night. However, that’s the fact here and you are welcome to book a night inside this old cabin. It’s like stepping back in time and there’s special energy inside this small cabin. Sure, it has been restored and fixed up since it was built. But it’s still true to its history.

Spend the night in a cabin from the 1700s
Old cabin in Leksand - Dalarna

Inside, you can enjoy painted doors and small beds – all like it was during the 1700s. The cabin is small and located right by the water. No, it might not be as special as spending the night in a bubble but sure, it’s special enough for you to want to visit it and see it for yourself.

Information about sleeping in a bubble

Address: Järnavägen 451c, Leksand, Sweden.
Price: Depends on when you want to stay. Check Tripadvisor for your planned trip!

Thank you Claire and Patrik for inviting us to your beautiful place! Disclaimer: All the thoughts and opinions are our own!

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