Spending a day in Ronda, Spain

Last updated May 29, 2021

Ronda in SpainRonda is a small city up in the mountains 100 kilometers from Malaga. This is a very nice village and is well worth a visit. The thing that Ronda is best known for is the Puente Nuevo, also called the new bridge. That must by far be the most photographed place. Join us on a day in this beautiful city.

Walk around in Ronda

When you are here you want to see the city on foot. Sure you can take a car or bike but we recommend you to walk. There are a lot of nice cobbled streets that you want to visit. This place is cozy – it is different and it is home to a lot of cool stores. My favorite part was the cool stores and the feeling that you are in a unique place. And the cool stores are not just for people that enjoy shopping. It is just as fun to just do some window shopping and look at all the fun things.

This place is romantic. There are even “lanes to walk” that is called something with romance. You want to come here and have a free schedule – no need to have excursions planned.
Ronda The Puente Nuevo – new bridge in Spain
Ronda in Spain
Ronda in Spain
Ronda in Spain

The Puente Nuevo – new bridge

This is Ronda’s main attraction. It is a bridge that needs to be seen and explored. They are offering guided tours of the bridge but unless you are really interested in exactly that bridge – you might as well just walk around by yourself. The views here are amazing! We did a lot of walking during our visit to the bridge because we wanted to see it from all different angles.

If you are fit for a walk, make sure to see the bridge from afar. We ended up walking off the street and finding our own nice spot for pictures. And according to us, this is the best place to explore the bridge. If you have the time, walk down into the gorge along the Camino de los Molinos. The views are just the best.
This bridge is pretty high and daring but we tried out the bridge climb in Porto and it was really cool. We had to where harness and everything.
Check out the picture at our instagram and how it turned out.
Ronda The Puente Nuevo – new bridge in Spain

The bullfighting ring in Ronda

There is a bullfighting rink here. Mini and I don’t like that and feel that it is cruel to animals so we did not enter the place. However, it is very popular so we thought we might inform you that this is a big attraction here too.

Our tip is for you to see it from the outside but don’t pay the entrance fee to support the bullfighting. I know that this is a Spanish tradition but I can’t promote it. It is part of the Spanish culture – sure, but that does not make it more ok!
Ronda in Spain

Eating exotic at the Gastrobar Deja Vu

I love restaurants that serve good and different food. I love them more when they are inexpensive and you feel that you can afford to eat there. The Gastrobar Deja Vu is such a place. Here you can eat amazing food and pay affordable prices. We got some of the best olives here and had an amazing meal. For some reason, we ended up ordering hamburgers. Mini went for an ostrich burger. He loves ostrich meat and it took him back to South Africa.

I went crazy and bought a camel burger. And yes it all tastes like meat and if we didn’t know that we were eating camel, we probably wouldn’t taste any difference. But it was fun to try something new and it was a first on eating a camel. The staff is super friendly and we can truly recommend this place for your lunch or dinner.

Address: Calle Arminan 69 B29400 Ronda.
Ronda in Spain
Ronda in Spain

Get nuts in Ronda

By far my favorite store in the city. Sabor A Espana is a store that sells nuts in all shapes and sizes. Yes, it is expensive and yes it is exclusive. But you need to check this place out! We could smell the store from far away and followed the smell to the store. And once inside there were so many nuts to choose from that it was mind-blowing. Macadamias are my favorite so I bought a bag of roasted ones.

And then we bought some cashews and pistachios and nut-bars and other goodies! And it all tasted so good that we could have gone back and bought a lot more! Since nuts are pretty expensive in Spain, we settled for only one shopping spree. But if you ever find yourself in Ronda – you need to go to Sabor A Espana and get some nuts!

Address: Calle Virgen de la Paz, 5, 29400 Ronda.
Ronda in Spain

Camping in Ronda

We ended up at camping El Sur in Ronda. Since we were there during the low season there were not that many campers but this is a pretty nice place. It is a bit on the pricey side but we think that it is more pricey in Ronda in general so nothing extreme here. At the camping, you have everything you need and you can do your laundry and take a nice shower if you please!

We chose this place because it was the one that was closest to the city center. We ended up taking our bikes to the city center and it was no problem biking to town. The best thing that you can do is to take your bike to town but then leave it locked somewhere and explore Ronda on foot.
Another place to visit not too far from Ronda is. Juzcar the smurf village. It is a whole city painted in the blue smurf color.
Or why not visit the pink lake in Torrevieja.

Ronda in Spain


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