Spirit Houses in Thailand

Aug 11, 2016

Spirit Houses in Thailand

Spirit houses in Thailand are so nice! I love the purpose of why they are everywhere!

Spirit Houses – to keep the spirits happy

You see them everywhere and some of them are magnificent. At some places you will see a plate of food lying around with flies around it, at other places you will see incense burning or flowers.
They all are the same even if they look different. What are they? Spirit houses. It means exactly as the name states – houses for the spirits to live in.

The story of why the spirits need their own house is just to cute 🙂
If the spirits do not get their own house they might cause trouble in your house! And you do not want to mess with the spirits. The shrines often include images of people and animals and people leave offerings to make the spirits happy!

I fell in love with the different spirit houses and forced Mini photograph them. I would love to have one like that at our house. The problem is that our house soon will be on wheels = hard to carry a spirit house with us!

Spirit Houses in Thailand

Spirit Houses in Thailand

Spirit Houses in Thailand

Spirit Houses in Thailand

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  1. Linda

    Orkar dock inte läsa på engelska, lite för lat där tror jag. Har ni många läsare runt om i världen så det är nödvändigt att skriva allt på engelska;)
    Svar:Ja det är verkligen helt fantastiskt, lyckligt lottad att vara född & bo här i vårt vackra Bohuslän;)

  2. Sara

    Så fina! 🙂


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