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Last updated May 24, 2021

Stare kino in Lodz, PolandOne of the coolest hotels we have stayed in. Stare Kino (means old cinema in polish) is a really awesome place! We stayed there for a couple of nights and ate at an amazing restaurant that is housed inside the hotel.

Stare Kino takes cool and modern to a new level

Al Pacino. Yes, Al Pacino was the theme of our room. Well, the movie he starred in – “Once Upon A Time In America”. The room that we got was huge. And we had two floors just like we had at Ruths Hotel in Skagen. You might wonder if it is necessary to have two floors when there is only two of you and the answer is no, not really. However, there is an extra luxurious touch when you get huge rooms like this.

All the rooms at Stare Kino Hotel have a movie theme. Ours had like a sleeping loft and some really narrow steps. But if you are not drunk out of your mind you will be fine and if you have trouble getting up – you can always sleep on the couch downstairs.
Stare kino in Lodz, Poland

Residence with coffeemaker and sink

A refrigerator is not a luxury thing at a hotel anymore. Most of them have it and more often they are stuffed with super expensive stuff that we never open. But at the Stare Kino, we had a lot of room to place our own stuff in the refrigerator. Since we were here on a press trip we had no use of it for storing food but it is a great bonus. And the same with the coffeemaker and the sink. We are used to having to walk to the restroom to get water to make coffee but not here.

Our dear friend Boel that was on the same press trip, ended up in the 007 room, covered in Sean Connery. Her room was just as big as ours and we felt sorry that we did not have time to just spend some time in our rooms because they were that nice!
Stare kino. The James bond room

Movie theme all over the Stare Kino

I was pretty sure that this hotel used to be an old cinema, but I can’t seem to find any information that it is the case. Walking around we saw a lot of classics that made out the apartments. Yes come to think of it, this place didn’t say hotel rooms. They called the apartments. Casablanca, The Great Gatsby and lots of other known movies.

We had no use of a parking space but there is free parking for all the guests. And even if the hotel is amazing by itself, one of it best perks is that it is at a prime location. Piotrkowska street is the main street in Lodz where all the shopping and restaurants are placed. This is really the place to be if you want to be in the middle of everything.
Stare kino movie theme

Restaurant Stare Kino by Antoine Lopez

We had our lunch and dinner at the restaurant that is housed inside the hotel and that has the same name. The owner and head chef is a french guy, Antoine Lopez. He is a french guy that lives in Poland and spends his days creating magic in the kitchen.

I fell in love with the rustic looking place and with the colorful paintings on the wall. But most of all, we all fell in love with the food. The kitchen is quite open and you can see Antoine putting the last touches on every plate. We all laughed so much when we asked him if he speaks polish.

– No, I don’t. Polish is just like Japanese. “Co Ty Robisz”.

He said it in a perfect voice and for the first time, I heard the Japanese in the polish language. Co Ty Robisz, means What are you doing (if someone is interested).
The chef at the restaurant at stare kino
The restaurant at stare kino

The food at Restaurant Stare Kino

I would say that this is the place where you can get rustic polish food with a European and modern twist. I loved the way the flavors just exploded in the mouth. We had meat and shellfish and we all loved our meal.

It also looked like a piece of art. All of us were super happy with the food and enjoyed it like crazy. We also ended up sharing a bottle of wine and that was perfect for our dishes. And like I said… we got to eat there twice and both of them were perfect! The only thing was that the breakfast was ok, but not more. There was not as much heart put into the breakfast as it was in the rest of their meals.

A tip when you visit the restaurant. Order the salad with ham and melon… it is to die for! And it is served as a flower = Amazing!

The Salad at stare Kino
The food at stare kino in Lodz, Poland
The food at stare kino in Lodz, Poland

Information about Stare Kino

Address: Piotrkowska 120, 90-006 Łódź, Poland.
Phone number for reservations: +48 42 207 27 27.
Price: From 40 euro.
Collaboration with Polska tourism


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