Where do you start when getting rid of everything you own?

Aug 13, 2016

Where do you start when getting rid of everything you own?

It is time to start getting rid of all our stuff. The truth is that the more stuff you own the more caged do you feel. At least that is how we feel. The problem is that it is so many things that it is overwhelming. It is 36 years of collecting all sorts of “crap” that we need to get rid of!

Declutter and get rid of all our stuff

Every time I take something in my hand I fell that I do not need it. There are just a few material things that are important to me. My computer, phone, my bag (Mulberry – the joy of my life), external hard drives with all our pictures and of course – Morris, our baby rhino that is with me at all times. For Mini it is his computer and his camera.

We have previously donated a lot of things to different organizations. We will donate a lot of our things now to but at the same time we really need all the money that we can get now. When you plan to travel for a living you need to save up before you leave.

But to finally start with the organization and decluttering you need to start somewhere. I promised my self to at least put 10 ads out on Facebook this weekend. Next week I will be in Stockholm the whole week so that is why I need to start during the weekends. We will start out small – with the smaller stuff and hopefully I can brag next weekend that we sold a bunch and that the decluttering is going well.

But in al honesty… when we have a cleaned house it does not look that cluttered ;).

Kitchen - not big but big enough.

Kitchen – not big but big enough.

Our "main room were we watch tv.

Our “main room were we watch tv.

Our stairs are NOT child friendly.

Our stairs are NOT child friendly.

Bathroom downstairs.

Bathroom downstairs.

How much stuff of everything you own do you really use?


  1. Henrik Olsson

    Ja, ni har en del att göra er av med – men det går, och man vänjer sig till slut vid tanken! 🙂

  2. Sara

    Har hur mycket saker som helst som jag inte använder, så beställde faktiskt hem sådana där Sellpy-påsar och rensade rejält hemma 😀


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