Staying in Sweden until November

Oct 17, 2018

Travel booksSo we were supposed to leave for Hamburg and Spain on Monday. Now the plans have changed and we will be staying in Sweden for another month. The logistics just didn’t work in our favor and we got way to stressed with all the planning.

Fixing everything with our motorhome

Since our motorhome is turning two years old, we need to take it to the shop so that they can change all the oils and go through it thoroughly so that we are ready to leave. And we have some issues with our floor in the car (it has lifted in the kitchen). We got super stressed out that we didn’t have time to fix it all so we ended up canceling Hamburg for now and will be going there in the spring/summer instead.

When you live full time in your motorhome, you will find things that are broken and that need to be fixed. I am currently looking for a spice rack. Yes, we have one already (a long one) but I want one more. So keep your fingers crossed that I will find one that I like.
Spicerack in a motorhome

Writing articles for magazines and taking pictures

Since we are staying for another month, Mini has taken a few photography jobs. He is taking pictures of lamps outside – environmental pictures for lamp companies. And meanwhile, I am writing travel articles for a Swedish motorhome magazine. We visited them about a week ago and they were super nice. I love when there is a great and open relationship with the people that we are writing travel articles for.

Mini was also at the new shopping center in Kristianstad and photographed their lamps after closing time. I didn’t go with him but the pictures turned out awesome!

Planning for the Canary Islands

Now it is time for our planning to start on when we will be taking the ferry to the Canary Islands and in what order we want to see the islands. I went to the library and borrowed some books about the islands and now I am making lists of the main sights that we don’t want to miss during our time there.

We want to see as much as possible during our visit there. I am super excited to revisit the Canary Islands. I have been there a lot as a child but I don’t remember anything from those trips! A lot of Swedes (and people from other countries) that travel there for vacation. I have really high hopes that this will be an awesome trip!
Travel Update

Momondo workshop with other travel bloggers

In November we are going to Copenhagen for a workshop. There we will meet all the other winners from Momondos Open world 2018. I can’t wait to spend the day with other travel bloggers and learn more about websites and SEO.

Mini has been super excited since we won (well we both are) and we will spend our winning money in a great way. I want to go on a yoga and diving trip, but that’s another story. So yes – we have changed our plans and will be leaving sooner this year but oh so exciting!


  1. Anna / Boihusbil

    Are you taking your motorhome over with the ferry? I’ve read about that and really looking forward to read all your experiences from that (if that’s what you gonna do). Plans are made for changes, I believe – and Hamburg will be there for you when you are ready.

    • Annika & Mini

      We are taking our motorhome there for the first time and we are super excited! I believe that you are right – Hamburg is not going anywhere!

  2. Kors och Tvärs

    Det blir inte alltid som man tänkt sig…. Men det blir säkert väldigt bra i slutänden. Hoppas ni hinner få allt fixat utan att ni stressar ihjäl er.
    Portugal-hälsning 🙃


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