Summer Tobaggan @ Kungsbygget

Summer Tobaggan @ Kungsbygget

Head to Kungsbygget in Halland for a different experience. Try Summer Tobaggan!

What great fun for 60:-SEK! I love when you can do some unusual, crazy and fun stuff with out having to emptying your bank account 🙂
The Summer Tobaggan is like a swedish version of bobsled that takes you down a slope, curving and speeding while sitting on a plastic construction with a handle (that helps you to break).
It costs 60:-SEK per ride and you can be one or two persons on the “bob”. Honestly, that is a fair price to pay and it is a loads of fun! Even going up the slope – holding on to a handle is fun.
We loved, loved, loved it!!!!

So what about the safety? Well this is Sweden and safety is key in this country but you might fall and you might tumble a bit but I don’t think you would get hurt. Like the guy working there said:
– It is like riding a bike. In the curves you need to lean a bit but you should be fine!
We made it down and alive and have in mind that it was not just us to but my handbag was on my shoulder the whole time to!

At Kungsbygget you can also go zip lining for the same price and there are more activities. We will go back and do a “proper” eventday!
Opening hours: Daily 10.00 – 20.00.
Address: Kungsbygget 44, 312 98 VĂ„xtorp.

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