Sunglasses that folds from Ray Ban


Most people (even though I am not like most) love their sunglasses. And for travelers going to the sun – they are often a must in the luggage!

Sunglasses from Ray-Ban

I do not like sunglasses and I never use them. In my head, they take away the beauty of what you see. The sun should be so bright and the sky so blue that you feel alive. Mini on the other hand always uses sunglasses when the sun is showing.


You can buy them for about 200:-USD. Expensive but nice!

He has prescription glasses and loves them. I have tried, believe me, but they are not for me. Anyway, there are a pair of Ray-bans that I really like – just because they are foldable :).

I love the fact that they will fit in any pocket and take up no space! When planning on living in an RV space is always on our minds. Well, I will still not buy them because I want to see the sun – like it is – in all its glory. But they sure are great!
One thing that I do wonder is whether they are more durable than regular glasses or if it is the other way around?!

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  1. Smart!

  2. Tack så mycket för kommentaren till min låt :D

    Såna där är så smarta!

  3. Jag brukar råka vika ihop mina också - men dessa är alltid lite svårare att få ordning på sen! :P

  4. Så smart med hopvikbara.

  5. Ja älskar solisar :)


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