Taking Pictures of Åhus and planning the move

Oct 1, 2016


Now that we are getting more and more ready to move into our RV, Mini is taking more and more pictures of Åhus. I think that it is great and I love the pictures. We keep getting questions of when we are leaving. Lets get that straighten out.

Pictures of Åhus

The thing is that we are quite ready to move inte the RV. We still have a lot of stuff to sell and we hope to do so as soon as possible. And for now the thing is not to leave Sweden in a hurry. We can explore the country and maybe even spend a couple of weeks in Åhus. The thing we do want is for our adventure to start. And our adventure starts when we move into our RV.

his small town where I was born and raised is truly beautiful but at the same time it is to small for us. We want things to happen – wether it is in nature or in the city, we want more adventures and opportunities. It is hard when all the invites we get are in Stockholm. With our new home we can go to Stockholm and stay there for as long as we like. Life will be a lot easier and at the same time a lot harder!

If we get all things sold and move into the RV – our adventure has started. Wether we leave Åhus at once or if we hang around here for a while – no problem according to us. Mini is taking the opportunity of walking around in Åhus and taking Photos. Here are his latest work – taken when the sky was so clear that all the stars were out.

Below are pictures that Mini took yesterday! I love them – they are beautiful!









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