The best travel apps 2019 – from booking to translating

Mar 4, 2019

The best travel apps 2019Great travel apps for your next adventure. There are so many apps that can help you with your travels – a real jungle to sift through. We have checked out a lot of apps over the years and it is time for us to share our favorites with you. Here are our picks of great travel apps. Best of all? They are all for free!

Great travel apps are hard to find

Since there are so many apps to choose from, it might be hard to find the once that are really good. I don’t think that I’m aggregating when I say that we have tried hundreds and hundreds of apps by now. Some of them look promising at first but then they end up disappointing us. Some are hard to manage and some don’t fix the problem like they are supposed to. However, there are apps that we always use while traveling.

In this post, we have collected all those apps that are free to download and that can help you when you are going to travel. They do what they are ment to do – simple as that. If an app promises to remind you when it is time to put on some more sunscreen – you want it to do just that! And yes, there are apps for that too 😀.
Airplane is taking off

momondo – all of your trip in one place

The momondo app is perfect when it comes to finding and organizing your trip. You can easily search for great deals on flights, hotels and rental cars. We have used momondos website for many years now and we love their app, just as much. It is super easy to use and you can use different filters for finding the locations that you want. For instance, you can use their map when looking for hotels. Read great inspiring articles and find your next destination. With the momondo app we have everything – right in our pocket – at all times. We love to have all our travel arrangements in one place and with this app it is now possible.

After you have booked a flight and/or hotel, you have everything you need in the tab “my trips”. This app will also let you know if your flight is on time. Another feature is their “anywhere search” where you can find new destinations to visit based on your budget. Anywhere Search suggests places based on dates, continent, budget or what kind of trip you want to take. Mini and I have decided that we will book a trip like that within the near future – how cool is that!? Their latest feature is that you can measure your luggage just by scanning your bag. momondo is one of the great travel apps that you can use for your travels. This is a great app to start with – and we are sure that you will love it! Every trip starts with momondo.
Momondo travel app
Find your paradise with an app

Packpoint – Your complete packing buddy

If you are making lists with a pen and paper before you start packing, you can now stop doing that! Packpoint is an app that will do that for you. It even looks at the weather forecast of your destination and then it gives you ideas on what to bring. Easy checklist that make sure that you bring everything you need on your trip.

The app will also ask you for activities that you might be doing while traveling (like swimming or working) and come with suggestions on what you should pack. The app is for free but you can buy some add ons that allows you to make customized packing templets – if that is something you’d like to have.
Packpoint app

Google maps – the best to tell you where to go

Once on location, there is no better app than the beloved and well-tested google maps. It is super easy to use and it will help you to get from point A to point B the easiest way. It is often updated and it lets you search for shopping, food or anything you might want to visit. Make the whole route of your trip and let Google maps take you there. Traveling to places where you will not have any Internet connection? No worries, Google maps have a feature that lets you download maps in advance so that you can use them without worries while on location.

It is a great app that you also can use when you take a cab. Some drivers will drive “the longer way” so that the price will be higher (yes that has happened to us several times). If you know the name of your hotel or the place that you are going to – let the app show you what way you are driving. Mini is always checking when we are going somewhere and I think that it is a smart thing to do!
Google maps
A road at fuerte Ventura

XE Currency – Gives you the current rates

Everyone that travels knows the hustle of knowing the currency for the country that you are in (if it is different from your own currency back home). One of the great travel apps, is XE Currency that will give you the current exchange rates. The app will also save your latest searches so that you can check them even if you are offline.

Check out the current rates and you will know what places will give you a great deal and a good value for your money. This app has all you need when it comes to rates and it is well designed and easy to manage. We have heard that a lot of people use this also when buying and selling currency (as professionals) and not just for travels so that must mean that this is a good app to have!
xe currency
Find your destination with an app

Google translate – understand what the locals are saying

There are loads and loads of apps that will translate for you. Some of them are for free and some of them you will have to buy. However, the best one, is still (after all these years), Google translate. It is free of charge and this is the one that we always come back to after trying out other at times. You have several different choices of how you want to translate – text, voice, handwriting, conversation and photographs.

We have used Google translate A LOT. Mostly we used it during our month in Fuerteventura when we wanted to raid in Pokemon Go (my hobby). It turned out that a lot of the people in Fuerteventura were not speaking english. Since we don’t speak Spanish, Google translate was a real lifesaver there!
Google translate
A clown from Lanzarote

All Trails – Your guide to the outdoors

Today everyone is super focused on getting some exercise done while traveling. There are so many apps that allow you to track your progress with your workouts and calories burnt and all that. The All Trails app is also about exercise, but in a different way. This app will give you the different hikes and trails that are close to your destination. You get all the information on how long the trail is, what difficulty and you will also get information on what other users thought of the trail.

We use this app to find our next adventure. They have loads of trails in their app and are currently adding more. The only downside is that the search engine is not perfected yet. For instance, if you search for Lanzarote you won’t get any hits but if you search Canary Islands you will find the trails in Lanzarote to.
All trails app
Find a trail with an app

WhatsApp – Keep in touch with friends and family

A great app for travelers. WhatsApp will allow you to call your family and friends through wifi. Even if there is free roaming in a lot of countries now, there are still places where you will have to pay to be able to call. With WhatsApp you can go online and send texts, pictures or videos to your loved once that are left back home.

We are often using this app, mostly with Minis sister that is sending pictures and videos  of her baby (that is the cutest thing alive). We have tried several different apps like this but no one comes close to this one. It always works and it is the perfect app for traveling people!
Whats app
In collaboration with momondo


  1. Kors och Tvärs

    Tack för tipsen. Tycker ni det funkar med Google translate? Det översätter ju så otroligt märkligt ibland, om man inte bara tar enstaka ord då kan det funka. Eller funkar det bättre att översätta till engelska (fast då måste man ju kunna det riktigt bra också). 😉

    • Annika & Mini

      Vi tycker att Google translate fungerar helt ok! Den är tveklöst den bästa av alla översättningsappar som vi har testat. Nej den är inte perfekt men vi har ändå haft väldigt mycket hjälp av den :). Men det kan stämma som du skriver, att det fungerar bättre till engelska för vi översätter alltid till engelska :).


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