The Butterfly People

The Butterfly People in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It is seldom that I write about a store – because lets face it, this page is not for shopping but for traveling! This time I am making an exception. This place is so much more than a store. This is a magical place that also happens to be a store.

The Butterfly People in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Calm music with burning incense. Butterflies in different formations. Butterflies in frames that make you think about mandalas or kaleidoscopes. There is a bench inside the store and I could spend all day here – just listening the the soothing music and looking at the artwork. Think how Tinkerbells room might look like. This is it!

Yes all the art is made out of real butterflies. But before you judge and write comments about animal abuse and all things bad know this. Every single butterfly has ended its lifecycle. They are not killed but picked up after death. They are shipped from all over the world and there is no discrimination here. Brown “regular” butterflies are mixed with beautiful colorful ones.

Cirene and Resat, the owners of this store/art gallery are firm with the belief that the butterflies are all equal. Wether small or big, colorful or missing part of its wing – they are all like us! All worthy of becoming art.

It is about honoring nature and the beauty of nature”, says Cirene. And I get it! Just like that I get it!
The butterflies represent the earth seen from space. Mixed and flawed and beautiful – all at once.
We are not allowed to take pictures inside but there is a wall with some artwork that we can photograph. One thing is for sure – You need to se this place in real life!

Adress: 257 Calle Dr La Cruz, Old San Juan, PR 00901, USA


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