The cars in Dubai – Is the rumor true?

Cars in Dubai. Being one of the Middle Easts richest parts. 0% income tax and money overload. Are all the cars really that fantastic? We checked them out while in Dubai.

The cars in Dubai

Fact: There are a lot, and we mean a lot of super exclusive cars in Dubai. Luxurious brands in abundance. You might not see 30 of them while taking the bus but they are easy to find if you know where to look. The answer is to look at the valet parking lots of the shopping mall. Don’t get me wrong. You will see them everywhere but those that are all silver or chrome are parked at the malls for the main part of the time.

Check out the cars in Dubai

So if you want to take the awesome pictures of great and really expensive cars – go to the malls and find their valet parking lot. It feels almost like the cars there are staged – for your eyes only! And as always it is look but don’t touch! And yes they are spectacular. I am not a car enthusiast but even I marveled over the fancy cars. It is truly an attraction by it self to see all the glam of the cars here.
Extreme cars in Dubai

What about the police cars?

When you talk about Dubai, one of the first questions are: “Is it true that the police drive in luxurious cars?”. The answer is yes – but not all of them. Mostly you see the regular police cars. But there are Ferraris as police cars as well. We got lucky because in the expensive police car that we saw – there was a female officer driving. That is awesome!!! So yes some of the police cars are all that and more.

Luxurious cars get abandoned

I found an article about Dubais problem – that there really expensive cars get abandoned at airports. Apparently there are thousands of insane high-end cars that are collecting dust at the airports across the country. So why do people buy these expensive cars and then just leave them? The answer is Sharia Law. Under Sharia Law, not paying your depts is a criminal offense. There is no law protecting you against bankruptcy – you go to jail. So a lot of people escape the country instead of going to jail. (Source)

So next time you are in Dubai – make sure to check out their cars!


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