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Last updated Nov 15, 2021
Lübeck niu rig

The niu Rig Lubeck knows everything about making you feel comfortable and relaxed in a super cool environment. This is modern and hip but at the same time warm and welcoming. We got the best treatment during our stay here. Since we came early, our room was not ready but they gave us coffee and let us store our luggage when we started to explore the city.

The niu Rig Lubeck

When you enter the train station in Lubeck, you can see the niu Rig Lubeck as soon as you exit. If you have a room booked here and you arrive early, you can leave your luggage in the lobby. Yes, a lot of hotels offer that service but the way they do it here gave this hotel a huge plus. Since we travel with a lot of camera equipment, computers, and other things, we need to feel that our stuff is safe when we leave it.

The niu Rig Lubeck hotel rooms

At the hotel, we left our bags and got luggage tags that they also placed on the bags. It was almost the same as checking your luggage while at the airport. This made us both feel safe that no one else can “take our bags by mistake”. So a huge plus for their help with the luggage. And when it was time to check out – it was the same thing. We had the whole day in Lubeck and they graciously kept our luggage safe.

A cool and hip hotel in Lubeck

So the city center of Lubeck is not big and everything is within walking distance. By staying at the niu Rig Lubeck hotel is a great way to be close to everything. They have the most awesome lobby. They have these great oversized games (four in a row and Jenga) that everyone can play. And there was also a box in our room with games and Soduko.

The niu Rig Lubeck the lobby
Shark on the wall
The niu Rig Lubeck games

If you want, they serve coffee and tea in the hotel bar and the coffee was really good. We got a cup while waiting for them to sort some things out and that gave us the opportunity to spend some time in the lobby. There’s so much thought put into the details. One of my favorite, except for the huge games, was a shark head on the wall. No, of course, it wasn’t real!

Huge rooms at the niu Rig Lubeck

Our room was huge. Well, we got a room for three people even if it was just the two of us. It was a great room with lots of space. Since we had a packed schedule, we didn’t get to hang out in the room as much as we would have liked because we both really got a feeling for this place.

Do you know the don’t disturb signs? Well, they had another one that said that if you didn’t need your room cleaned, they would donate 1 euro to the Nador Etmenan Foundation. About the foundation, taken from their website:

The Nader Etmenan Foundation adheres to the motto, “lend a hand, don’t look away” and provides assistance exactly where help is needed most. The foundation, set up in 2015, supports needy children and families, promotes the integration of people with a migration background and helps victims of war both in Germany and abroad. The Nader Etmenan Foundation has made it its aim to support people who need help and are willing to make active changes in their lives.

The niu Rig Lubeck hotel rooms
The niu Rig Lubeck hotel rooms

Great breakfasts with a touch of luxury

Most people love hotel breakfasts and we are not an exception. Our first breakfast included some really nice small meatballs and I was looking forward to eating them the next day. Unfortunately, they weren’t there the next day but at the same time, that’s great because it shows that they change the breakfast all the time.

Mini and I ate a bowl of cereal and fruits every day and that was really good. The only thing that wasn’t perfect was the coffee. It was made by a machine but yet, my latte tasted “so so” and that was a disappointment since everything else was perfect!

The niu Rig Lubeck Breakfast

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Information about The niu Rig Lubeck

Address: Am Bahnhof 17, 23558 Lübeck. (Just by the train station).
Price: From 63 € for two persons.
Website: The niu Rig Lubeck.

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