The Odd side of Prague


The Odd side of Prague

Prague, this magical capital of Czech Republic is wonderful to stroll around in but be aware of the odd and funny things that the city hides. Here are some of the quirks we found while being in the odd side of Prague 🙂

Art and movie shoot at the odd side of Prague

A “TV” sticking out of a wall with a pink face on it, not every day you see that! We walked into a movie shoot. Unfortunately, we did not get any information about which movie they were shooting but it was some old- themed movie (from what we could tell from the clothes).

The Odd side of Prague

If you can not afford windows… why don’t you just paint them on? Honestly, if our guide had not shown us them we probably would walk by this building without seeing it.

The Odd side of Prague

The Odd side of Prague

The famous “love locks” are famous even in Prague and they are scattered across the city center. Some, more successful than others 🙂

The Odd side of Prague

Chips on a stick. Hmmm, first time ever seeing that but they tasted like chips and we got a full amount of calories while eating one chip stick each.

The Odd side of Prague

Ok, so we have all seen a vacuum cleaner before but this one was literary vacuuming the streets of Prague

The Odd side of Prague

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  1. Malin

    Haha ja man kan lägga märke till knasiga saker men flera av dessa missade jag när jag var där i somras!


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