The Saturday market in Olhao, Portugal

The saturday market in Olhao
There are markets. And then there are Markets! The market in Olhao is an amazing mix of hustle, bustle, smells and just loads of amazingness! You want to come here on a Saturday because that is when the market is in full bloom. This is where the locals buy their groceries and fresh fish.

Locals from the islands are gathering at the market in Olhao

The locals are here. They have come from all over Olhao. A boat just arrived from the islands outside of Olhao and people are getting of. Each and everyone is equipped with a trolley. It is time to do some serious shopping. And this is the place where it’s all going to happen. And even if there is a lot of people there – this is still a very well organized market.
The saturday market in Olhao, Portugal

At one location you have all your fruits and vegetables. And even if they are all selling almost the exact same things, it is super nice to walk around and just enjoy life. And this is all ecological – healthy and fresh!
The fruit and vegtable market in Olhao

Animals in cramped cages

This is one thing that breaks my heart – when they are selling animals that are alive. At the market, they had birds in cages (another thing that I don’t like) and they had chickens and other cute furry animals. My problem is that they were stuck in such small cages and I’m not sure why they were alive. Do people want their meat so fresh that they want to kill the chicken themselves?

I know that I’m a hypocrite because I eat meat and I love chicken. And yes I know that someone needs to kill them for me to be able to eat them but I hope that it goes fast and that they don’t suffer. But to see them cramped into a tiny cage is awful. And don’t think for a second that the fish market was better.
The market in Olhao, Portugal
The market in Olhao, Portugal

Loads of fish and different species

This is awesome for tourists to see. Fresh fish everywhere and loads of them. Shellfish, crabs, shrimps, squid and everything that you can imagine that comes from the ocean. The fish is so fresh that it is still alive, something that breaks my heart. I can’t but wonder… If fish could scream, would we still let them be alive, gasping for air? I believe that we would kill them before we put them out for sale to avoid the screams.

We got to the market early, about 08.30 and a lot of the crabs and fishes were still alive then. After a while, we went into the fish market again and then the fish was not moving anymore. I know that people want their fish fresh but come on! The thing that I do like about the market is that you always find new species that you haven’t seen before.
The saturday market in Olhao, Portugal

Shop for cheap clothes and … things? at the market in Olhao

A lot of people miss parts of the market because they think that it is just a “food market”. However, there is a huge market beyond that. Here you can buy (almost) everything. And best of all – it’s cheap! For example, you can buy 10 pairs of socks or 3 boxers for 5 euro. I can’t say whether the quality is good or not but I think that it is ok. You get what you pay for.
The saturday market in Olhao, Portugal

And you also have loads of stuff that you can buy for 1 euro at the market. So I would say that cheap is the keyword for this part of the market. Make sure that you are here on a Saturday and if you want to be part of all the lively stuff – be here early!

Information about the market in Olhao

Address: Mercado Avenida 5 de Outubro, Sea Side CenterOlhao 8700-306, Portugal.
Opening hours: 06.00 – 13.00 daily. On Saturdays, there is the clothing market too. Best day to visit is Saturday.

The saturday market in Olhao, Portugal


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