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Jul 25, 2019

The world piece
The World Piece. How awesome is the name of momondo’s latest way of connecting the world?! Well, if you ask us it’s really great! We can still remember their last great achievement – the DNA Journey and how touched we were with that campaign. Now they have done it again and we are proud to be momondo ambassadors and being part of this! 

What is The World Piece?

Simply put, it’s momondos way of uniting the world. 61 beautiful and amazing people have come together and let their bodies become a canvas. With the art on their bodies, they are all united and connected. The whole concept is to show just that, that there is so much that connects us.

The video of The World Piece has been watched more than 85 000 000 times – how awesome is that?! It’s unbelievable and unreal when you think that it was launched less than a month ago. We love the work that momondo do to connect people and open up the world to everyone.

Do you want to be a part of The World Piece?

Right now momondo is looking for two more people that want to be a part of the family of 61. Click here to enter the competition. All you need to do is to answer the following questions:

  1. What is your personal reason for wanting to help bring the world together?
  2. Which country would help open your mind to the world and why?

There is a part of us that wanted to enter this competition but at the same time, I’m not a huge fan of tattoos and Mini already has some so we felt that it’s better to not enter the competition. But at the same time, we still feel like we are a part of The World Piece – tattoo or not! And we are convinced that that’s the point of this campaign. Sure, the tattoos are cool and they are also really special.
The world piece tattoo

Tattoos made by Mo Ganji

Mo Ganji – He’s a man with the motto that ”less is more” and he has made each and every one of the tattoos with a single stroke, an unbroken black line, from back to back of the 61 people. And the result is awesome. He is a true artist and I believe that all the people that got the tattoos from him are super stoked.

If you want, you can watch this clip about the artist and what the meaning of The World Piece means to him.

The World Piece – According to Finally Lost

We both love the name for the new campaign. The World Piece has several meanings according to us. First of all, you have the word ”piece” like a piece of a pie. There is a piece of the world for all of us – we can all be a part of the piece that is the world. Is the world a piece of something even bigger? Well, that’s up to each and everyone to decide.

But one thing that we find super awesome is when you say the word out loud, piece. It is the same as the word peace. The World Piece can also mean ”The World Peace”. That was my first thought after watching the video. And this is also the reason why we both can connect with this message. It’s also about spreading love, compassion, and peace in the world, something we all need more of!
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What do you think of this – what does this video mean to you?


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