This is why we will do it – never regret!

Aug 9, 2016

This is why we will do it!

The things that we regret the most are not the things we did. It is the things we did not do!

Never regret the things you did!

Time to stop living in the future and start living now. We have been planning on traveling for a living for quite a few years now. At first we got stalled because I got into the university to studdy journalism and mediaproduction. We were planning on buying a catamaran and sail away. After a while we figured out that before we had enough money to buy a boat, we would both be old :).

Now there is a new plan and the plan is to not stall anymore. The date is set. From the beginning of the next year we are starting our new life. The life is to travel for a living. How will we make it work? Well in all honesty we do not have all that figured out yet. Some of it needs to be fixed before we leave – like finding a tenant that will take care of our house for a long long time. That will give us som sort of income but that will not be enough.

We will share all our plans and strategies here with you. From now on we will be doers and not sayers.

I stumbled upon this youtube video and it spoke to me. Felt that I want to share it with you. This truly makes you think while watching.


  1. Fantasy Dining

    Tror verkligen man kan göra allt om man verkligen vill..


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