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Jun 2, 2019

Thoughts from the road Nominated Apollo
Oh how much we have going on right now! It’s crazy and overwhelming and awesome, all at the same time. And now we have been nominated to a competition where we have the chance of becoming “Most inspirational travel blogger” and boy do we want to reach the finals. 

Most inspirational travel blogger – nominated

So it started with an email from Apollo that they had a competition and that they thought that we should enter it and nominate our blog, having a chance of becoming the most inspirational travel blog of the year 2019. Said and done! After a couple of weeks, we got another email that we were accepted and that it was now time to collect votes.

Since our blog is not (yet) that big, it is hard for us to collect votes. Since we moved into our motorhome and sold the house, for some reason, a lot of our friends “moved away from us”. We don’t have big families so it makes it hard for us to gather votes. So mow we are reaching out to you and hoping that you will want to vote for us!

Most inspirational travel blogger – finalist

On the ninth of June, the top 10 blogs (that has the most votes) will automatically go to the finals. And this is our goal. To have our small blog in the finals of one of Sweden top travel agents would really be awesome so that’s why we are pleading with you guys to vote for us! The contest has three different categories.

  • Enjoying life – Do you like nice hotels and good food then this is your category.
  • Discoverer – Do you love to explore new places and share those with your readers? Well, then this is your category.
  • The Local Expert – Are you a local expert that find the “off tracks”?

To be honest, all those categories would be applicable to our website and our way of traveling. But since you can only choose one, we chose to enter the competition for Discoverer. So guys – if you feel that our blog inspire you to travel, please vote for us by clicking here or just use the camera of your phone to scan the QR-code below. once on the site you just scroll down until you find our names (Annika & Daniel Majak – Finally Lost) and klick “rösta” (vote in Swedish). Done! You don’t sign up for anything – it just takes a second and it means the world to us!

QR code for

Use the camera on your phone to scan the code and place your vote.

Most inspirational travel blogger – The Winner

Once the time runs out and if we are in the top 10, it means that we made it! We will be able to say that we are finalists and we will be super happy! Currently we are in the top 10 and we want to keep it that way. And then it will be up to a jury to choose the winner. Sure, it would be awesome to  win – we will not lie about that. The winner in our category wins a trip to Fuerteventura and how great would that be?!

But most important now is to make it to the finals. Please support us guys and keep your fingers crossed! And this is a great way to find other nice travel bloggers by scrolling and clicking on the different participants.

Thoughts from the road Nominated Apollo



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