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Jan 25, 2019

Travel updateThe responsible and the whimsical – those should be our new nicknames. And guess which one is responsible and which one is whimsical. Well if you know us you know that Mini is the responsible one. An I have a great story that I want to share with you that shows how life can become awesome and scary at the same time.

Interviewed about our life – living full time in a motorhome

So, we are still in Fuerteventura and we have been working for a couple of days. We are searching for pictures to send to a guy that made an interview with us. Turns out that it is hard to find pictures that show our past life and our present (living full time in the motorhome). Not because there are not many pictures but the fact that there are to many to choose from. How do you choose pictures that show your life?!

The article will be published in a motorhome magazine While struggling with that, I got an email from a woman, writing that she had seen that we were in Fuerteventura and that she would like to meet up with us. My first thought? This is a person that either work for the tourism board or someone that has a business that they want to be promoted. After emailing back and forth we decided to meet at a bar in Corralejo in the evening.

Responsible and whimsical or just crazy

Ok, so it became evening… As Mini was getting ready, he said that he had no desire in going anywhere and why I always “find something to do”. But since we already made our plans, off we went. We had about a 10-minute walk to the bar and we arrived early. As we are standing outside waiting, Mini asks me who wants to meet us… the dialogue goes something like this:

Mini: – Why would anyone want to meet us in a bar at night?
Annika: – I think that it is someone from the tourism board that has seen that we are here.
Mini: – The tourism board would not be meeting us at a bar at night, they would invite us to their office during the day.
Annika: – Well yeah, come to think of it, you might be right. So what do you think? Is this not legit?
Mini: – It might be! And if not, someone just lured us out of the motorhome and are emptying it as we speak!
Annika: – Is that what you are thinking? I had a flash of that too, but thought that since you didn’t say anything we were all good!

Getting worried is the worst thing

Suddenly I got super worried. Like really, really worried that Mini was right. What if someone just wanted to get us to leave the car? Who was this person that wanted to meet us and why? After about a minute we decided that I would stay and Mini would walk back to the car and make sure that it was ok. I kept calling him, worrying sick that he would come back to a break in.

After a couple of minutes, the woman approached me. And she was not alone. It took me a couple of seconds but then I recognized that it was one of Minis childhood friend that was with this woman. He had seen that we were on Fuerteventura and he wanted to surprise us. So he asked his friend to contact us and to set up a meeting. We ended up having a great time. After a drink at the bar, we went and bought pizza and went back to our place. There we spent a couple of hours, just talking and having fun!
Travel update

Is there a point to this story?

Well, yes there is! I am not always read never thinking about safety. However, I am all about meeting new people and I am also all about trusting people. But at the same time, I want to urge all of you (that don’t have your own Mini to keep you safe) to not do anything that might be dangerous.

And on a finishing note – for a moment the world felt small. I know that it’s not. Usually, I say to people that say that the world is small: “The world is not small, you just travel the same streets”. But in this case, the world did feel a bit small. Meeting a friend in Fuerteventura that is from the same small town as Mini, with about 40 000 people, is pretty great!
Travel update

And we were back on the radio

And on a final note, I would also like to inform you that we were back on the radio with an update about our travels. It is in Swedish but you can listen to it here… I love the fact that we are called “the motorhome couple”.

We talked about Lanzarote and Fuerteventura and we also gave our best tip to Fuerteventura… the Popcorn Beach that is a must see! We will write a post on it but so far we are still trying to catch up with all the things that we did while in Lanzarote!

You can read our previous update post here.


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