Thoughts from the road – We have so much fun things happening!

Sep 12, 2019

Thoughts from the road
It’s been so much traveling for us during the last couple of weeks and it will only continue. More trips have been added and now we don’t even know how to pencil more stuff into the calendar until November. At the same time – we are loving it! So much new stuff is happening and changes are made – Here is an update!

Hamburg delivered like crazy

Ok, so we just got back from Hamburg and let us tell you that the city is awesome! We both fell in love with Hamburg and all its perks. We will be writing a lot about Hamburg here but we still have some other destinations that we need to cover first! So, we went to Hamburg to do a travel article for the magazine “Min Husbil” and I am ready to get to work because I have so much to share about the city and everything we explored.

Hamburg was a pleasure to visit and we have agreed that we will be back there within the near future!
Hamburg Elbphilharmonie
Hamburg tunnel

Antors workshop in southern Sweden

As soon as we got back from Hamburg, we went to Malmö for an event with Antor. Each time we go to such event, it’s like Christmas for me and I love it! We get to meet people that are representing the travel industry and we always get new ideas for upcoming articles and collaborations. Unfortunately, we often miss out on these things since we are away from Sweden so much but we will try to be more active next year.

Read more about our visit to Antors workshop.
Antors malmo

Wine tourism in Poland

Yes, that is a big thing and we will prove it! Today (Thursday), we are going to Poland for some wine touristing. Monika at “Polish Tourism Organisation” in Stockholm has created this amazing program to us so we are super excited to go there! We will be visiting a wine fair, different wine producers – do some wine tasting and visit a wine spa! Yes, we are jealous of our selves that we get to do this trip!

It will be super fun and we LOVE Poland so can’t wait to go back there! Here you can read more about our trips to Poland.
Wine glasses

Getting solar panels in our motorhome

Once we get back from Poland, we head straight for Värnamo (a city in Sweden). There we are installing more solar panels on our motorhome. We have already installed two brand new lithium batteries and we are so excited for finally being totally independent when it comes to electricity in our home. We will be giving you all the information in a later post about this.

The thing is that we want to be able to travel the world and not have to think about electricity. Soon that will be a reality and we can’t wait. We are getting everything fixed at Sunlux – a great company that we love to work with!


One of the earlier plans on what we need in solar power.

Heading back to Germany

This was not in the plans but when we med with Gustav at the Antors meetup – he emailed us the next day and asked if we were interested in going to Lubeck to promote the culture and gastronomy. After checking our schedule we found a spot at the end of September so we are heading back to Germany.

This time we are doing a sustainable trip and going there by train! It only takes about six hours from Malmö in Sweden to Lubeck in Germany. Looking forward to checking that city out too!

Going to Stockholm

Straight after coming back from Germany, we are going to Stockholm. Mini has some photo jobs that he needs to do and we also have some meetings and appointments. One thing that we are looking forward to is going to a travel event that is held by animal world protection. We have done some collaborations with them before and now it’s time to attend their event for the travel industry.

There will be people speaking about stopping animal cruelty in the travel industry. I am expecting to learn a lot because there are always things that you don’t think about yourself and you often need a reminder on how to think and act while traveling.

Madeira is calling us

The first week in October starts with a press trip to Madeira. We have spent a lot of time in Portugal but we are yet to visit Madeira. It will be a couple of days with touristing like crazy and visiting as many places as possible during our stay there. It also feels great to be back in Portugal. Mini is often saying that he wants to go back there and explore some more.

Here you can read all our posts on Portugal.

Stockholm x 2 again

After Madeira, we are heading back to Stockholm. This time it is to attend a Masterclass in Argentinian wine. Yes, I know! It sounds super exciting and we are sure that we’ll have a blast there. And then we also will be attending Travel News Market to mingle with people from the travel industry.

So Stockholm will be our home in October and November but not the whole time!

Fuerteventura we are coming for you

In November we are going to Fuerteventura. It’s a part of our prize of winning this years explorer in Apollos contest! Since we have been on the island for more than a month, this will be a nice reunion for us. We want to do a little bit of diving but otherwise this trip is all about work and getting loads of things done. We are constantly behind so we need to get our s*it together.

But we are super excited that we are going back to the Canary Islands!

Where are we this winter?

Ok, that’s not decided yet. Mini wants to go to Portugal with our motorhome and I want to park the car and fly to Asia and rent an apartment. We are yet to decide what we will do… wi’ll let you know as soon as we have decided!


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