Thoughts from the road – We made it to the finals!

Jun 14, 2019

Apollo finalist 2019We made it to the finals! We are now finalists in Apollos contest of becoming “Most inspirational travel blogger” in the category discoverer. Thank you all for voting for us, it means the world to us. Now Apollo has made the finals based on votes = we need you guys again. We made it to the top 10 and now we would love to be in the top 3. 

We are finalists in Apollos contest for travel bloggers

Oh, how we wish that we could thank and hug, each and every one of you. Thank you thank you thank you. We have some really great support here and it feels awesome that we are doing something right. It is often quiet by the comments in here so we don’t know who you all are. But we want to thank you once again.

If you want us to continue in the competition – please take a second to vote for us once again. Same link and same procedure. Just click here, find our name and press “rösta” = vote. It would be awesome to reach the final finale with Finally Lost. How strange was that sentence?! If you want to know more about the contest before you vote – read our previous post about it here.

Apollo upptäckare finals result 2019

This is what the scoreboard looked like after the first run!


Update and sustainability

So what are we up to now? Well, we are working like crazy! It’s wonderful to have so much on our plate and at the same time, it’s stressful. Next week, I started freelancing for the local newspaper for a couple of weeks. I have a ton of work that needs to be done before that so there will be a lot of computer time for the rest of this week.

And we also partnered up with two other “crazy” bloggers and are currently in the starting phase of checking a cup. When on an eco-tourism press trip to La Gomera, we were out whale watching. On the boat, they hade cups that are said to be made out of corn. Mira (an Austrian blogger) has placed a cup in regular water. Valentina (an Italian blogger) will be placing her in salt water and we will be burying our cup in the ground. We were told that the cup will dissolve in two months so now we are going straight for the test of getting the proof. Crazy? Well, yes of course but we want to check if that’s true. Update on that later.
Apollo finalist 2019

What are we currently testing?

The next test to Swedens largest travel magazine is electric toothbrushes. And after that underwater cameras and carry-ons. My teeth have never been so clean before because I am brushing them like crazy – testing the different brushes. It’s a lot of work but this test is really fun to do for some reason.

Today I also received the cutest neck pillow and I’m in love! It’s an elephant that is also a neck pillow for your travels. How awesome is that? You just open the elephant and turn him inside out and then you are ready for your next flight! And for you guys, living in Sweden – in the latest issue of the travel magazine Allt om Resor, you can read about our test on First Aid Kits. I love how it turned out!
Apollo finalist 2019


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