Top European destinations to catch the sun this summer!

May 11, 2016

One of the great things about running this blog is scouring the internet for fun future travel destinations. There’s an entire world out there to enjoy, and with the summer months almost here, it’s time to take a look ahead to see which places offer the top beaches, the most luxurious casinos and the best chances to catch a little summer sun!

Many Swedes flock to Spain for their yearly dose of sunshine, and there’s something about the laidback Mediterranean lifestyle that is endlessly tempting. The Costa del Sol has a global reputation for its many beautiful beaches. With little towns like Estepona offering a great chance to bask in the sun and enjoy a few tapas treats in the atmospheric bars.

But there’s also plenty of chic cities to explore in southern Spain too, with the likes of Cordoba showcasing the nation’s evocative Moorish heritage thanks to iconic sights like the Cordoba Mosque with its amazing red and white archways.

France is another great place to catch the sun. With the French Riviera in particular having plenty of glamorous seaside towns like Antibes giving you the chance to take it easy. Just remember that a lot of the beaches around here require payment to enjoy!

The exclusive feel of the French Riviera perhaps reaches its pinnacle in the opulent enclave of Monaco that has world renowned attractions like the Casino de Monte Carlo drawing thousands of tourists every year.


And if you really want a summer holiday where you can forget your day to day worries when visiting the Mediterranean, then Italy has plenty to offer. Although there’s plenty of nightlife excitement to be had in casinos and danceclubs in the areas around Rimini and Viareggio. For something a little more soothing, then a trip to Ischia would be well in order.

This beautiful island in the Bay of Naples is something of an undiscovered gem thanks to its wonderful beaches, spectacular scenery and rich forests and vineyards. Furthermore, Ischia has plenty of tranquil attractions like the thermal baths that offer the best bet for making sure that you face the rest of 2016 feeling a lot more relaxed!

This post was a collaboration with Ann Waters.


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