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Aug 19, 2016

Big ship in Waves

Preparing for what’s to come with new travel certificates. Mini has got at lot of certificates and is a captain.

Yachtmaster Offshore sail and power certificates

One idea we had and still have is to sail around the world and for that we need certificates. That’s why Mini got his certificates for power and sail Yachtmaster offshore in Gibraltar. Mini tells it all in hos own words…
The course was a awesome experience and I met new friends from all over the world (most Britts).
The training was 4 months in total but we had problems with the power boat along the way. So two weeks went by when we had a leek on our cooling system. Two weeks more went by when we rammed a net and the rudder broke just outside Cadis, Spain in the middle of the night. The foto below is me on the stcw95 survival course

Daniel Majak fireman

My Yachtmaster Sail certificate

This course was 15 weeks long and to qualify for the exam I needed 50 days at sea and 2500 miles including at least 5 passages over 60 miles – acting as skipper for at least two of these and including two which needed to involve overnight passages.
Half of the distance need to be in Tidal waters.
Exam duration was 10 hours (a lot of time to fail hehe) :).

Living on board was sometimes hard and Gibraltar was not that warm in January until April with 10 degrees Celsius and moist as ….! Max speed 7 knots in 4 -6 meter swell!

Marina bay Gibraltar

Yahtmaster offshore power certificate

This one was so much more comfortable with big bunks and a coffeemaker. Best of all – we were flying to our destinations in 15-20 knots.

This trainig course was seven weeks and I had to do 1250 miles with 3 passages over 60 miles including 1 overnight and 1 as skipper
Total 3 days as skipper and 25 days on board. Easy!

So if we want to sail around the world we have a little knowledge about it and a certificate to back it up.

Yachtmaster offshore power Gibraltar


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