Travel News Market 2016

Nov 9, 2016



Tomorrow we are heading for Stockholm to attend the Travel News Market. Yes it is not the best of planning since we have two weeks to be out of the house but lets do this!

Getting the Travel News Market

It is quiet in here right now and this will soon be changed. December 1st is when we move out of the house and after that there will be more time and we will start with our daily updates.

I do feel the need to tell you guys that we are going to the Travel News Market. There we will meet 122 different travel agents and travel companies. What is hot for next year? In all honesty this is sort of like porn to me. Meeting people in the travel industry is a great thing. We are super excited and I will let you guys know all the info as soon as our lives calms down just a bit.

We will also attend a dinner that will be sponsored by Dubai Tourism.
On the backside… As soon as it is over we need to drive straight back to Åhus and continue pack up our house 😉

Some of the sponsors at the Travel News Market!!!

And there will be so many more!

And there will be so many more!


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