Travel update – we are finally on the road

Jun 27, 2020

reindeer crossing the road in summer - Dalarna , SwedenOh, how happy we are to be able to travel again. Even if we are confined to Sweden, we are loving the freedom. Since we travel with our motorhome – we are careful but we are also visiting friends. It feels great to do what we do best – travel! We are currently exploring a new part (to us) of Sweden and it’s awesome!

Leaving Skane

We have been stuck in Skåne for a long time. We can’t remember the last time we were in the same place for so long as we have been until now. It has been three months without travel. Well, we have been traveling around the county, doing some fun stuff but we have also been yearning to travel. While we waited to be able to leave Skåne (due to Covid-19), we went fossil searching.

We also did a lot of other fun activities that we are slowly publishing! And as soon as Sweden opened up again, off we went. We started by visiting some friends and then we went up north on a press trip. After an intense week, we are working, planning the rest of our trip here!
Mölle Harbour - Skane, Sweden

Visiting Oskarshamn and our family there

No, we are not related by blood but we might as well be. Linnéa and her family have become our family. We went there and spend a short but wonderful time with her and her parents. They have recently bought their own motorhome (a lot bigger than ours) and we can’t wait to meet them on the road soon!

We ended up talking, bathing in their pool, and just enjoying life. Oh, how we love to visit them! It’s one of the only times when we don’t feel the urge to travel or explore – we just like to spend time with them. It’s already settled that we are swinging by them on our way back to Skåne. And a couple of days later, we met up in Dalarna and had an awesome evening with Linnéa and her dad Hans. Oh, how wonderful life is!

Visiting Falkenberg  another of our family

We got to know Henrik in 2009 (due to our blogs) and we have been friends since then. Well, like Linnéa and her family, Henrik and his mom have become family to us! The humor is raw but we get each other. They live in the middle of nowhere and we love going there. We feel right at home there and we play games and just have fun.

This time, Henrik had bought the best sign ever and we felt really welcome! We ended up spending two nights there and then we drove up north. Like with Linnéas family, we are going to visit them on our way back and spend some more time there. Henrik is also a blogger – you can read his blog here (Swedish).
No camping sign

We are in Dalarna

So, we are currently in Dalarna. We have been here on a press trip, promoting Dalarna with a motorhome. Since the world is still not opened to everyone, we will be holding on to our posts about Dalarna for a while. But as soon as we get the ok, you will be overwhelmed with posts and articles about this magical place. According to us, there is nothing more Swedish than Dalarna and we are super excited to be here and we can’t wait to share it all with you!

Visit Dalarna made this incredible program for us and after a week of intense touring the region, we are still here because we want to explore it some more. There is so much to see and to do in Dalarna that one year might not be enough! We are glad that we brought our home with us because there is some incredible camping here! We love Dalarna!
Finally Lost Traveling in Dalarna


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