Travelers update 2017 – 01 – 09

Jan 9, 2017

Travelers update from Bring Bling to Traveling. I know that some of you (especially family and friends) are wondering of what is coming next. We are still in Poland but are leaving for Sweden on Wednesday evening.

Travelers update

There is not much that is booked this year. The plans are wide and opened. But there are several things and some destinations that we want to do. First off – we have an invitation to Hamburg, Germany that we want to visit. For this date there are no fixed plans but hopefully we can go there in February. We do want to take our mobile home there and we have not bought winter tires for it so it depends on the weather.

A picture from Laso salt from Laso, Denmark

The Ice hotel in Kiruna, Sweden

My sister is celebrating her birthday in April and they have booked a night at the Ice hotel. We want to join them there. Lets face it – Mini and I are both “warm weathered” people. Looking for best ski slopes on this site would be a bust. But the Ice Hotel has been a dream for both of us and hopefully we will join them on their trip. When I told them her husband said “it is fully booked“.  Hmmm not sure if he wants us to join them ;).

Poland or Northern Sweden

We want to see more of Poland. But we want to visit during the summer. There are some loose plans of that. Either Poland or seeing more of Sweden before we leave the country for new adventures. There is so much to see in the world that a lifetime is not enough.

Getting to a warm country – no more cold winters

We are planning a trip with family for christmas and new years. So far we have only established that we want to take a trip together but nothing more. We have agreed on warmer climate but not any country yet. But first it is back to cold Sweden and move into our mobile home. Cant wait until we are officially moved in!

Ps: If you buy the latest issue of Allt om Resor, you can read our article on Århus there. And yes we want to see more of Denmark as well! The travelers want to travel ;).



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