Travemunde in one day – Explore the seaside city

Last updated Nov 15, 2021
Travemunde in one day

Travemunde in one day. Is this possible? Well, yes it is! And guess what?! We did just that – spent a day in the lovely city of Travemunde. We started out by taking the train from Lubeck and 20 minutes later we had arrived in beautiful Travemunde. Here are our tips on what to do during a day in Travemunde.

Getting to Travemunde

We were staying in Lubeck and that was only a 20-minute bus (or train ride) away. However, Travemunde is located right by the sea so a lot of Swedish people get here by ferry from Trelleborg. It’s a town with easy access. We ended up taking the bus from Lubeck there and then we took the train back (Here is how we got to Lubeck from Sweden). The bus ticket is 3,20 euro so that’s a fair price.

Getting to Travemunde with bus
Travemunde in one day

Once you get to the train- or bus station in Travemunde, you are a short walk from the city center. It takes about five minutes to get to the beach. And if you are spending a day here – that’s a great place to start! Especially if you’re here during the summer.

Rent a Strandkorb at the beach

Strandkorb is a German word and it translates to a beach basket. They are so cute and it’s perfect to rent one for a couple of hours. The Strandkorb is everything you need for a great day at the beach. The more you explore them, the more impressed you will be. For example – a drawer where you can keep your stuff can also become a footstool.

Our tip is to start your day by going to the beach and renting a Strandkorb. On the downside – the water is cold since it’s the Baltic Sea. Make sure to do a beach walk and check out the bars and restaurants that are close to the beach. We both really fell in love with the beach in Travemunde (even if we didn’t go into the water).

Rent a Strandkorb at the beach
Rent a Strandkorb at the beach
Cool wagon on the beach

Read our guide to Lubeck here for some more inspiration on what to do while visiting the area!

See the Passat ship

See the Passat ship

After spending some time at the beach, an option is to visit the German four-masted sailing ship. Today, this is a museum and she is one of the last surviving windjammers. The name Passat means trade wind. We ended up seeing the ship from the outside but if you want you can go inside to visit the museum.

The reason that we decided not to enter the museum is that you need to get to the other side from where we were to be able to enter the ship. If we would walk, it would be a really long walk. Turned out that there’s a small boat that can take you over to the other side for a couple of euros.

Germanys oldest lighthouse

The view from the lighthouse.

When I heard that the lighthouse in Travemunde is the oldest in Germany – I had to check it out. The lighthouse is not that big and there is a limited number of people allowed into the lighthouse at the same time. You get a nice view from up there and it is totally worth the 2 euros (entrance fee).

During our visit to the lighthouse, we had an incident. No, it wasn’t a big deal but we still want to share it with you. So, the entrance fee is 2 euros. We had a lot of change and decided to count our change while we waited to be able to enter. When it was our turn, the man that was selling tickets got upset with us and said that he didn’t want the change. I told him that change is also money and he gave us our tickets. So, if you don’t want to get him to be upset – don’t pay with change 😜.

Godewindpark makes for a perfect walk

Godewindpark makes for a perfect walk

After visiting the lighthouse, we headed straight for the Godewindpark. This park is a really nice place in Travemunde that we recommend everyone to visit. Small lakes and nice pathways make this a perfect stroll. We were there at the end of September and we were super lucky. Why? Because we were there during the Magic of Lights festival.

We ended up eating and drinking and having a great time at the festival. If you want, you can read all about our experience at the park here. The park is a good way to end your day in Travemunde. Sure, there is a lot more to do in the city but we believe that the main reason why people come to Travemunde is because of the beach! We were here and we fell in love!

We did a lot of things during our visit to Travemunde and Lubeck check them out in our guide to Lubeck!

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