Trelleborg to Travemunde by ferry

Aug 28, 2019

Trelleborg to Travemunde
Trelleborg to Travemunde by ferry is super easy and nice. We entered onboard TT-LINEs ferry Nils Holgersson and about nine hours later we woke up in Travemunde, Germany. We didn’t book a cabin, instead, we decided to try their recliners in the lounge. It turned out to be a good choice.

Trelleborg to Travemunde with Nils Holgersson

For people that aren’t Swedish, it might be a strange name to call a ferry “Nils Holgersson”. But to the Swedes, that’s perfectly normal and honoring. Nils Holgersson is the name of a really famous fairy tale by Selma Lagerlöf. She is so iconic in Sweden that she is even on our currency. The fairy tale is about a boy that is named Nils Holgersson and he travels around Sweden on a goose.

Yes, you read it right. He flies on a goose. The book was used in schools when teaching geography to children. I haven’t confirmed this with TT-LINE but I’m one hundred percent sure that the ferry got its name from the iconic book.
Trelleborg to Travemunde ferry

Nils Holgersson by numbers

I love my statistics and when I found some about the ferry, I wanted to share it with you. So here we go, TT-LINES Nils Holgersson by numbers:

  • 700 – the number of passengers that can be on the ferry at once.
  • 220 – the number of cabins.
  • 9 – the number of decks.
  • 2 – the saunas that are on the ferry.

And add to that reception, shop, children movie theatre, fitness center and jacuzzi and you have the ferry completed.

Trelleborg to Travemunde overnight

The ferry left Trelleborg in Sweden at 22.00. Ok, so it was kind of hard knowing where to drive once we were in the dock. It was not super easy to find the right lane and we got confused. But in the end (read a couple of minutes) we were driving with our motorhome onto the boat.

Since we knew that we would be off exploring Hamburg the next day, we wanted to go to sleep as soon as possible so we didn’t try the restaurant or the bar. However, we did take a walk around before heading for the recliners. And it is nice! A lot better than I thought actually thought that it would be.
Trelleborg to Travemunde

Nils Holgersson is a nice ferry

As I said, we didn’t take any grand tour since we were tired. We missed the jacuzzi and saunas but the restaurant, shop, and bar looked really nice. And the movie theatre for kids was playing a movie when we peeked in and it looked super cozy in there.

Since we had booked recliners in a lounge, we started looking for that. For you traveling the same way – let us spare you some time. They are located on the left side by the bar- lounge. You need to go to the reception to get the key so that you can enter but there you have several comfortable recliners.
Trelleborg sunrise

The lounge and recliners onboard Nils Holgersson

Trelleborg to Travemunde during the night means that you need to sleep. Last time we went from Trelleborg to Travemunde, the ferry only took seven hours but that was during the day. Now, we had no idea what to expect from the lounge but it was so much better than we thought. The lounge is a big room with dimmed lights. There are about eight to ten recliners and that’s it.

What’s impressive is that the recliner only costs about 20 euros per person and they are really big and comfortable. We had three more people joining us there and I slept like a baby almost all night. Sure, my hips started to acting up but that is normal. Do I sound like I’m super old or what?! And from Travemunde to Hamburg it is about 80 kilometers so that is a quick ride!
The lounge and recliners onboard Nils Holgersson
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