Update – Playing games and barbecuing instead of traveling

May 13, 2020

Playing games and barbecuing instead of travelingWe are back in Sweden. Well, in fact, we have been back for about two months now. It’s weird to be back and it feels awkward to not be able to travel. We were supposed to be heading for Austria now and so far we are stuck in Sweden. But, we are making ends meet by doing other stuff – like playing board games and barbecuing.

Not being able to travel abroad

It feels hard being stuck and not being able to travel. However, we are listening to the recommendations and we follow them. If that means not to travel abroad now – then that’s what we are sticking to. We are working with some amazing people in the magazine world. Now, when everything is upside down and inside out, they have been kind enough to let us do other work that was not planned from the beginning.

When the world is struggling, we all need to come together and help each other. The Covid-19 is close to all of us and we need to take care of each other and take this seriously. We are careful and we have been distancing ourselves. What we also noticed is that a lot of people “pretend” to be distancing but the truth is otherwise. Oh, well to each their own.
Playing games and barbecuing instead of traveling

Barbequing like crazy

For the motorhome magazine, “Min Husbil i Sverige” we are testing out some barbeque grills. And what do you need to do when testing? Well, barbeque of course! So that’s what we have been up to! Trying out some really cool grills that you can bring in your motorhome. And we have been looking at what we like and what we dislike with the different products.

Mini was having more fun than me with this test. Let’s keep it straight – he was the one doing most of the work here. I was assisting and then I am writing the text (of course). Who knew that there are so many different grills?! I was so amazed – it’s like they all have their own life! Oh well – you will be able to read about the grills at the beginning of July (hits the stores on the seventh).
Playing games and barbecuing instead of travelingLPG Barbecuing grills making a test

Playing board games as a job

This is the funniest test that we have ever done! We are testing board games and all different kinds of games for Swedens largest travel site (alltomresor.se). And at the same time, we are also testing games for “Min Husbil i Sverige“. It is so much fun and we have so many different games to play! Both of us love to play games and now we have a lot of them to choose from.

Right now, our motorhome is filled with games and we try to play in the evenings. This test (for Allt om Resor) was supposed to be published on the site right before Christmas but we changed it. The fact is that we are struggling with getting products for testing right now so the games now fit us perfectly.
Playing games and barbecuing instead of travelingSwedish board games

Traveling around in Sweden

This summer we will be traveling in Sweden. For the first time, we will be having some sort of “staycation” and we are super excited! There is so much to see in this country and we will start by visiting Dalarna and exploring. No, we will not start with that – come to think of it, we are already working and exploring here in Skane.

Currently, we are visiting odd places. The research is done and we are having an awesome time doing things that people might not know that you can do in our neck of the woods. One thing that we have done is visiting Nimis and it was really odd and wonderful at the same time!
Playing games and barbecuing instead of traveling


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