WARNING regarding – Desert Safari with Happylinkers.com

WARNING regarding - Desert Safari with Happylinkers.com

Are you in Dubai? Then you need to go on a desert safari. It is like an unwritten rule. But make sure to book your desert safari with a company that is trustworthy and do not ruin your day.

Warning – Do not book your desert safari with Happy Linkers

I know – this is bring bling to everything. The website with 99,9% good stuff to do and see in the world. But I do feel obliged to inform you (and warn you) about booking a tour with happylinkers.com. While in Dubai we want to do a desert safari. With all the companies fully booked, we go online to find someone who can take us.

Pictures in this post are print screens from their website.

Pictures in this post are print screens from their website.

Google is our friend

After some googling we find happylinkers.com and send them an request to go on a desert safari. We get an answer quickly that they can offer us the tour! Perfect! We are booked for the next day. The next day is here and it is time for pickup (at our hotel). We wait and wait but no one shows up. After about half an hour we ask the personal in the reception to call the company and ask what is happening. The personal gets information from happylinkers that they will check where our driver is and call right back. YEAH RIGHT! After that no one calls back and no one comes to pick us up. And even worse… they stop answering their phone when we try to call back. The result? An entire afternoon and evening is ruined! Well I still want to give them the benefit of the doubt and email them, asking what happened and why they did not come to pick us up or why they stopped answering their phone. They did not even have the courtesy to answer us!

WARNING regarding - Desert Safari with Happylinkers.com

The email we got from them. We did confirm the reservation and were all set.

If anyone of you have another experience with this company please let us know. We would love to get some feedback on this company. Ps: we did not find them on trip advisor.



  1. Linda

    Ah bra att veta då det blir Dubai nästa år med en vän förmodligen! Måste kolla igenom här har ni skrivit mer om Dubai?
    SVar: Ja eller hur! Men nu denna, vår sista semestervecka blir det lugna puckar:) Ni då något kul på gång?

  2. Kamran

    The worst experience!!! Fucking theives!!!!

  3. Saqib

    Bloody Cheap Theives.. Scammers and bunch of assholes

    • Annika & Mini

      We can only agree!


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