To wave or not to wave – Motorhome issues!

Last updated Oct 29, 2021

Motorhome to wave or not to wave
Ok so we are in a Facebook group for Swedish motorhome owners and there is a trend that we have noticed. There is this thing that divides us into two separate groups. The thing I’m talking about is waving to other motorhomes. I don’t believe that this is a Swedish thing. However, I’m starting to wonder if the Swedes aren’t more extreme than others?! Help us out here.

The tradition of waving

I remember when I was a child. My dad had a motorcycle and the thing I loved the most was that every time we met another motorcycle my dad would raise his hand as a “hello”. It was a great feeling – being a part of another family. “We motorcyclists” stuck together and waved at each other. In 1995 we got a new car, a Volvo that was called “Tea yellow” and that was only made in a small edition. A new tradition was born. Every time we would meet another Volvo with the same color we would wave. This also made me feel special – even if we only met them a couple of times.

When we became motorhome owners that were one of the things I was excited about. We were now part of yet another “family” and we would wave each time we met another motorhome. However, there seems to be a heated discussion on the “to wave or not to wave“.

Motorhome to wave or not to wave

Heated discussion on whether to wave or not

Even if I’m one of those people that wave, I do get that not all want to do that. Let’s face it – there are loads of motorhomes on the roads and sometimes it feels like all I do is waving. Mini is not a huge fan of waving. He thinks it’s unnecessary and only waves from time to time. But when he does wave, it’s full hearted. The thing we have noticed is that there are not so many people waving back these days. Either that or we just bump into the grumpy once.

In different forums, we read discussions on people that think that it’s silly to wave. Some of them go as far and say that it is dangerous to take one hand off the steering wheel. Others think that it’s a great tradition to wave and that we should keep the tradition.

Waving in the world

I believe that it’s up to you to decide if you want to wave or not. If you don’t want to do it, then don’t! No need to get angry at the people waving at you! And if you are like me and want to wave then go nuts! I don’t get the point of having a discussion over and over about the waiving-thing. Yet I just wrote a whole post on it. The thing is that I wanted to research how it looks in the rest of the world when it comes to waving. And my research shows that this seems to be a global “problem” and that most countries that have loads of motorhomes have the same discussions! So I did not crack this nut but one thing’s for sure… I will never stop waving!


  1. Familyearthtrek

    Hahaha love this post! We have a car that is special in a special color aswell and when we come across one…we wave! We are a waver! So many haters and grumpy people out there. Dont wave if you dont want to but dont kill the joy of wavers!

    • mini

      Jeeey for wavers don’t ever stop doing that that’s awesome.

  2. Dr. Bubblestein

    Hey you just parked right next to us in Sines and thought to check out your blog. Nicely done.

    It’s definitely not a swedish thing. And yeah… it is annoying, but I can’t help myself and wave back when somebody else does it to me.
    Saw even some cars with stickers in form of waving hands on the windshield.

    With own intentions I just wave to similar old RVs.

    • mini

      Thank you so much! The blog is currently under construction but we hope that it will be ready soon :).
      That is awesome!!! Come inside for a cup of coffee tomorrow morning!!!


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