We are finally getting lost!

Oct 19, 2017

Sweden from above
It feels like the day would never come. First, there were some photo jobs that Mini got and then we went on a press trip. Things just kept piling up but finally, we have everything sorted out. Or at least sorted out enough so that we can leave and be “finally lost”.  

Changing our name to finallylost.com

It has been really quiet here. This is because we are about to relaunch our site and E V E R Y T H I N G is about to change. First, we are changing our name into FINALLY LOST.COM. However, we will still keep the Bring Bling to Everything.com and Bring Bling to Traveling.com. We are ready for a new start and what better way than to change stuff?!
Finallylost logo

We have had the most difficult email ever so finally lost will be a lot easier. And we are ready to leave. I’m not sure why we waited so long. There is always something new coming up that we don’t want to miss. At first, I wanted to stay until the 9:th of November so that I could be at the Travel News Market in Stockholm. However, we decided that it’s time to leave and time to get lost ;).

Where are we going?

Sunday is the day we are taking the ferry to Poland and starting our adventure. We are more than ready and we can’t wait to start this adventure. First, we are spending some time in Poland – finding new great places to write about. After that, we are heading for Portugal. We are yet to determine the travel route. That’s the fun part – planning on where to go next.
Sweden Portugal map

We think that we want to spend the summer in Sweden but that is yet to be determined. And if there are any friends that want to hang out before we leave, now is the time to say so because in a couple of days we are off.

Brand new travel site

We are waiting like crazy for our new travel site to launch and we hope that it will turn out perfect! The new site should be up and running at the end of the month. At first, we were not supposed to post anything before we launched the new site but at the same time since we are about to leave and we want to write all about it! So more updates are promised shortly!



  1. Emilia

    Massor av lycka till!!

    • mini

      Tack så mycket! Det kommer bli helt underbart och lite läskigt!

  2. Rebecca

    Kommer sakna er massor! Vi kommer ta väl hand om ert underbara hus! ❤

    • mini

      Tack så mycket och vi kommer sakna er med!


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