We have left Sweden and hit Spain

Dec 1, 2018

Roadtrip from Sweden to SpainWe left Sweden on Sunday and headed for Spain. The end destination is the Canary Islands and we are moving towards our goal. The journey so far has been good. There were some issues in the beginning – like forgotten keys but that is all sorted out now. Join us on our first days on the road!

Starting the morning with stress

So our day started with a quick visit to Kristianstad with the newspaper. After that, we headed straight for Trelleborg for TT-line and the ferry to Germany. We had spent the night outside of my sister’s house (will be important later). Once we met the reporter, she asked me if we were all packed. I laughed and said that since we are bringing our home with us, there is never any need to pack. All we own is in this car – I told her and was sure that what I was saying was true.

We got the keys

The magical keys that I forgot 🙂

Wrong! When we have almost arrived in Trelleborg, my sister calls and says that my keys are left at her place. That means that Mini and I are currently heading abroad for several months with just one set of keys. That is not ok! The best part is that I lectured my mom for a long time when she did the same thing during a week. She forgot to take the spare key to my dad’s car. It’s a great thing that I have the best parents ever. My mom and dad jumped into their car and drove like maniacs to Trelleborg and delivered the keys just before we entered the ferry. Thank you, mom and dad, for being the greatest!

Trelleborg to Travemunde – a seven-hour boat ride

The price on TT-Line depends on when you want to go. We got an amazing deal and paid 49 euros and that was including the motorhome and the two of us. Our motorhome is under six meters so we go as a regular car but that was a great deal. A man that we got talking to had paid 150 euros for the same ticket but he had a three meal course included. It takes about seven hours to get to Travemunde. I am a person that can sleep anywhere as long as I can lay down so I slept some and then I prepared some emails and did some work.

Mini watched a tv-series on his phone and then he also slept for some time. It was about 20.00 when we got of the ferry in Germany. Since it was already dark outside we didn’t feel like driving that far so we ended up going 279 kilometers to Legenbostel where we spent the night.
Boat trip from Trelleborg to Travemunde

Roadtrip from Sweden to Spain

Germany – Belgium – France

The second day of the trip, Tuesday, we started of by getting some work done. Even if we have left Sweden, we still have loads of stuff to do so the morning was dedicated to work. Once we got that out of the way, we drove and drove and drove. We left Germany, entered Belgium, passed Belgium and entered France. It was a long drive, 689 kilometers made! But we learned a lot of fun stuff (and probably not true). Stuff like

There are no gas stations in Belgium.

All the French have their safety wests in their front window.

All jokes aside – we have our GPS set on avoiding all the toll roads. We know that it is crazy expensive to drive in France and we don’t want to pay toll as we did last time.

France – Spain

On Wednesday we drove from France to Spain. The biggest delay that we got was something that is going on in France. There is some sort of strike but we can’t seem to figure out what it is all about. There are people blocking the roundabouts, burning stuff and just delaying traffic. For some reason, the French seem to support that because they were honking and giving them the thumbs up. If anyone of you knows what’s going on – please let us know!

Rest area for dogs in France

A small rest area for dogs somewhere in France!

At the end of the day, we drove 545 kilometers. We have not yet reached our destination but now we are in Spain and it is getting warmer each kilometer we drive so life is good! Today we will find a camping and work some more. We got a super fun deal from Allt om Resor and as fun, as it is – there is a lot of work involved. I will tell you more about it later on!

Arriving in Sevilla

So, on Thursday we drove all day. Yes, all day! The result was 893 kilometers (Well to be honest we drove the last 100 kilometers on Friday but still). We had one stop for food but otherwise, we spent all day in our home, getting to Sevilla. And now we have arrived! 17 degrees Celsius and palm trees. We are staying at a camping for two days – it is time for some serious work and of course some touristing of Sevilla. And not to forget, some Pokemon catching too while touristing!
Tourist attraction in Sevilla


  1. Gert

    Om ni inte vet så demonterade Fransmännen att soppa priser ska höjas.

    • Annika & Mini

      Tack så mycket för informationen för det hade vi ingen aning om!


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